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Thread: The childrens unit presentation.

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    The childrens unit presentation.

    Five of us made the trip down to Musgrove Park Hospital. Brian, his son Alex and his partner Theresa, Sheila and myself were met at the main door by Katherine Farmer. Katherine is the senior sister at the childrens unit. The unit has two wards, Acorn and Oak. After some formalities we were shown to Acorn ward which is where my granddaughter is treated.
    Here we had our first presentation of the cheque.

    L to R. Theresa, unit nurses, unit patient and his mum, Katherine Farmer, Alex and myself.
    A very comforting thought was that the two wards were relatively empty but eight children were allowed home earlier this evening so that was good news.
    Next came the bit i was looking forward to, last week i told Katherine that would have an extra surprise for her. This was when i presented her with the picture, to say they were astounded was an understatement. They loved it, especially after i had explained how the picture was chosen.

    Katherine told us what they will be spending the money on.
    These are Oxygen saturation monitors.

    They measure heart rates and the percentage of Oxygen in the blood stream and cost in the region of 800 each.

    With the funds raised by you means that the unit can now almost buy two very much updated versions which are 1100 each. One is on order now and one will be in the very near future. The machine they have ordered is high spec version, this has a extra screen with a graph on it, which shows you if the sensor has a good reading, if it shows a bad reading you know to move the sensor to a different part of the body. This makes sure they get perfect readings and therefore can accurately show what treatment the child needs. The machines they have to buy on their budget does not have this feature.
    We were then taken on a tour of the two wards, it makes you appreciate what it takes to keep these places going and the sterling work that the nurses do for the children.
    All in all a very enjoyable evening and a big thanks to Brian for coming to take the photos.
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    Brilliant-- well done Basil for setting all this in motion and well done to all at the SD
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Very humbling.I have four children myself,had little ups and downs with them.Makes you think how lucky I am am.

    Well done !!!!

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    +1 NICE TO SEE OUR MONEY GOING TO THE RIGHT PLACE, (unlike our taxes) i know what it's like to be in a childrens ward long term and they need all the help they can get. well done.

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    A great end to the story, its nice to see money donated will make a difference to those that need it.
    Good pics as well , nice to see those happy faces

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    Well done, mate. I reckon the beers our on the rest of us when we meet next week.

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    What can I say Basil and all those that contributed towards all of this.

    THANKYOU dosnt seem enough, you are a credit to the Stalking Directory site and the deer management profession. Well done.

    Best wishes

    Sikamalc (Malcolm)

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    Fantastic stuff Basil, you and everyone involved has done us all proud. I'm going to publish this thread on the homepage as an article.

    all the best,


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    Totally brilliant. Remember thinking at the birth of my son that the NHS and the nurses in particular are a national treasure.

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    outstanding gentlemen,its humbling to know such people and the deeds you guys do
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