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Thread: Best rest??

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    Best rest??

    Hi to all, I have been trying to test some new hand loads and factory stuff and have run into a problem. I have been shooting with a bipod from the roll over cover on the back of my pickup but have been getting groups with 4 shots an inch apart at 200 then another 2 will b 3 inches away. I am convinced this is caused by the bipod slipping and jumping around on the slippery cover can't really think what else it would be?? How do you guys ensure a steady rifle for testing?

    Any tips would be Appreciated


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    try putting the front car mat,if you have any, on the cover.

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    If I'm testing new hand loads then I'm prone or seated an a very sturdy bench using either a bipod or bag at the front end and a wedge shape bag at the back.

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    I prefer to be prone on the ground with a bag under the butt of the rifle.

    I do find performance varies depending on how soft or firm the ground is under the bipod.

    Regards JCS

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    James, you really need to shoot off sand bags front and rear for load development. From a bench if at all possible.

    If you don't have access to a bench, you need to get prone with the bipod on the ground and a bag under the butt.

    This is my set up, I can shoot very consistently from this:

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I will get a good front bag and have another go as I just had a partially dislocated shoulder and lying prone is a bit impossible at he minute. Any recommendations on a good bag? My local dealer has a Caldwell tack driver which looks pretty steady? What's best to fill them with?

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    Some folks use rice to fill the bags, but that might start to grow or rot. Some use sand, I used cat litter to fill mine. Whatever you use it's a compromise between weight and stability. Also the degree of fill can make quite a difference to your shooting accuracy.


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    I have used rice, but it rots over time if it gets damp at all.

    I now used kiln dried sand. Get a bag from B&Q. The only reason for kiln dried is that it is bone dry, and very fine, it therefore runs easily and makes filling the bag easy.

    The front bag I used is Caldwell, not too dear.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have tried different benches, bags, etc but still prefer prone with a bipod and a bag under the butt.
    I fill my bags with fine plastic beads that my mate got from a factory that makes pvc products. They are finer than rice and wont rot either.

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