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Thread: How to stop cattle...

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    How to stop cattle...

    Me and a mate were talking, he has some highseats in fields that the farmer grazes his cattle in from time to time. Last time he went, his wooden highseat was in a pile of twigs, the cattle had been using the uprights as a scratching post.

    Anyone any tips on how to stop em doing it? I guess it would be the same for metal highseats too? We thought of wrapping barbed wire round the legs to a height of 6 foot but that would make getting in and out in the dark potentially painful.

    What do you fella's use/do?

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    Have fenced some of mine, awkward but keeps the high seat in place and the farmer happy

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    Four electric fence posts, wire and a battery unit.

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    As above have wrapped barbed wire around the legs, you soon remember to only hold onto the rungs as you get lower.

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    Fence of the base with barbed wire, you or the farmer may loose a couple of meters of field though!

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    Shoot the cattle?
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    I use barbed wire stays from each corner, the cattle can scratch as much as they like at the legs but the high seat is going nowhere.
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    Shoot the cattle?
    Well, I laughed.... when I saw which shire you come from...

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    Fencing it off is the only answer. However, even the fence will become a targe for scratching.

    Cattle are drawn to any feature which sticks out from the hedge or whatever. If a branch falls from a tree in the hedge, you will see the ground around it tramped to mud by the beasts.

    They will rub any high seat to death in a few days.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Well, I laughed.... when I saw which shire you come from...
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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