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Thread: BDS dsc 1 Course

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    BDS dsc 1 Course

    I was very sorry to hear from one of my novices that the BDS DSC1 Course that he attended resulted in 2 people walking out of the course due to the manner of the "instructors" and the overall sloppiness of the presentation, on analysis it appears that these "trainers" are so far up their own agendas that they cannot lower themselves to accommodate the common courtesies that should be extended to students who are willing to learn and pay for the opportunities of adding to their basic knowledge....same names keep cropping up in this respect, any comments?

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    That's a shame. Perhaps training methods as well as assessment methods should be specified centrally to weight the process back in the delegates favour a little more.

    ReneZ seemed to have an enjoyable time on his.

    I suppose there is NO chance of you naming names here ?

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    Re: BDS dsc 1 Course

    Quote Originally Posted by cervus
    on analysis it appears that these "trainers" are so far up their own agendas that they cannot lower themselves to accommodate the common courtesies that should be extended to students who are willing to learn
    Come on cervus, you can't tease us like this - examples?

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    Name and shame could be the best option. It would allow others to decide whether to attend courses if the trainers names come up.

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    Cervus, sorry to hear about your friend's (?) experience. We had no one walking out and from what I could gather all had a good time. No attitude from instructors at all, nice bunch and we all had some good laughs together. I did my course with BASC Scotland in Trochry and would warmly recommend it to all who are looking for the DSC1.
    It is regretful if the course would already become a bad experience as that's no way to start. Indeed, name and shame.
    It would be a pity if we would lose some who could be valued members of this community over the attitude of some.
    my .02, cheers, Rene

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    This sounds as if it is a case of people thinking that just because they know a lot about a subject they can teach it, wrong! People have to be taught to teach, granted that in a specialism like stalking a person who is very experienced and a good communicator can get the job done. However it is rare that people possess both skills.

    It would be nice to have examples of just what went wrong on this course to cause the people to walk out. These things need to be known if the BDS is to act, and act I think they should. If ever there was a case of taking the money and then abandoning you to your fate this must be it. These classes must surely be monitored, the teaching levels must have some sort of quality control in place. Somebody must assume overall charge of this, how does it work internally within the BDS, who runs the training programme. I think a complaint should be lodged, names should be named and instances of bad practice highlighted. If it was the BDS getting short changed somewhere along the line I'm sure they would have something to say.

    Cervus, any chance you could get your novice to supply more details, write a letter of complaint to the BDS? Is he a member of this site? if so and he does not wish to complain, if he was willing to supply me with the details then I would write to the BDS on behalf of our site and it's members. After all there are a lot of them that are being coerced into taking the DSC1 by their respective Constabularies and it would be nice to know that the bodies supplying this service are doing just that, supplying a service for which they are being well paid.


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    John, well said.

    If this is to be the first hurdle for us then it should be well organised and monitored, ensuring that people get value for what they pay.

    Cheers, Rene.

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    BDS DSC 1course

    Right Guys,I have read your replies and considered the is the dissatisfied who must act, not third parties, I know these trainers very well and have had issues with them before this situation arose..the BDS can be a "if your face fits" organisation, I will not in principle witness BDS DSC2 PORTFOLIOS as I have no respect for their assessors in the main, with some exceptions. No, I would dearly like these individuals to be held to account for their alleged inefficiencies,and if DMQ receive the complaints from the students via BDS THEN THEY SHOULD ACT ON IT, my guess is that these people are so up themselves that they feel beyond reach of justified criticism. The students are writing to BDS...i AWAIT THE OUTCOME WITH INTEREST .

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    Well done cervus, please keep us posted of the outcome.


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    Formal complaint has to be the way to go. If it concerns matter such as simple politeness and common courtesy then it should be to the BDS as the service provider. If it concerns any dispute over taught material, quality of presentation, interpretation of the Standards or assessment decisions then it should be via the published complaints/appeals proceedure that they must have and make available to candidates.

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