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Thread: unusual quarry last night

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    unusual quarry last night

    spotted this little fella last night - mooching on a rubbish heap whilst out lamping - "glint" was like a fox but when i had a closer look it was something a little smaller.

    shot at 160y with 70gn ballistic tip from R93 .243 with archer NV on the back of my swaro 6-24x50 on 20x mag - taken off the wing mirror from the drivers seat of the navara.

    I have removed the photo - not needed really
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    Looks a bit startled.

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    Bit of a tummy ache....?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Just a little bit too far back Gary!
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    Best thing for it !!!!!!
    Good shot though.

    I found a dead mink in the middle of a stubble field the other day, really fresh, no dogs about, maybe a fox killed it, any ideas ?

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    Looks to me like someones lost polecat ferret.

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    if it was on a rubbish heap it was doing you a favour keeping the rodents under control


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    Polecat...Probably been lost on an outing...Wish I hadnt seen this

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    I'm thinking of a full shoulder mount on it!

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    If it was on a game shoot or farm where there is any sort of poultry it was the best thing for it. A hungry polecat is as bad as a fox.

    Well done mate.

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