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Thread: New 11-27" Bipod....

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    New 11-27" Bipod....

    Hiya, More newbie type queries guys.......Tonight I just fitted a Harris 13-27" bipod to the .243...and had a play in the hall with it...geez, its it to bits....

    BUT, I'm wondering if there is anything I need to know about shooting in a sitting position??? I've always shot deer ( Roe) from prone or off, just wondering.

    Thanks in advance guys...

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    I find that with my right knee bent up I can rest the pistol grip on my knee giving three points of contact for even a more steady shooting position when shooting with a sitting bipod.



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    ....I was thinking of getting one of those actually. where did you get it from and how much?
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    I also have one of these and the model just below it in size. I swap between the 2 depending on what I am doing. The small one is good for zeroing and shooting at foxes over the car bonnet but the longer one is very handy when the cover gets up or on the hill on heather, where I find any smaller than this does not get the rifle high enough when shooting prone. Also handy to get the correct angle when shooting up steep hills.

    Only down side..... the extra weight.

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