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Thread: Highland Lodge wanted

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    Highland Lodge wanted

    Have my 50th next August and looking for a Lodge for a week for family and friends, must have Salmon, Red's and walked up grouse available in the area.
    Used to take a lodge on the carron each year and managed a macnab on my 40th, unfortunatley the place was broken up and sold.

    Anyone know of an agent worth trying that manage estates around Speyside or more North?

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    CKD Galbraith have a catologue of sporting lets on 01738451600 if theres a few of you going it shouldn't be too expensive.

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    Try this web site it has details of various agents and also direct contacts with some estates. One of the best about I'd say.

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    Try Graham Christie at He has always come up with the goods for me.

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    For Speyside try - one of the best spots for a McNab - otherwise one of Scotland's longest standing agents Pete Swales at



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    I just helped arrange a stag party for 12 guys staying in a country house nearby
    they did red stags , goats , roe bucks ,some shotgun on foreshore on ducks , geese
    and rough shooting over fields also salmon fishing on the Nith and finished off by a day
    on grouse , happy to give you details etc
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    Hello Gents, phone and broadbands been out for a while so only just back on line. thanks for the info will let you know how I get on.

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