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Thread: My biggest ever Roe Buck

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    My biggest ever Roe Buck

    As the title say's I shot my biggest ever Roe Buck tonight.
    I decided at 6:15pm that I would just go for a little amble on some land that I shoot a few short miles from home, so after getting changed and loaded the rifle into the truck I arrived at the land at about 6:30. Now the farmer had told me that he'd seen a 'gang' of 10 deer on the land a couple of days ago, I was sceptical but assumed that he had at least seen some deer. I walked up the first hedgerow and to my left were 3 deer, a Doe and her twins, these were obviously out of season but I waited a while to see if a buck would appear but they returned to the woods and were gone. Whilst I was watching these 3 I had seen another doe and follower to my right, these were skylined and were silhouetted against the orange contrast of the stunning sunset, it was then that I realised that I didn't have my camera on me! Doh!
    I decided to go and have a look at them as they were on a stubble field and there might be more deer there and there was a slim possibility of a buck. I eventually got to the hedgerow that was to be my ambush point and there infront of me were another 7 does and their followers! The farmer was right, I was gobsmacked, as I scanned them I was naturally looking for a male but they were all does and their young. I settled into the hedgerow and was quite happy watching them feed when with about 10 minutes of real daylight left a buck came trotting out from the trees, he made good time in coming 150 yards and stopped straight infront of me at about 50 yards, I couldn't believe my luck, he was a big lad too. Like I said he was now stood about 50 yards infront of me and had started to pick at the stubble and I thought that this was to good to be true and even God himself must have wanted me to take this one out. I placed the crosshairs on his neck and squeezed the trigger, THUD, I saw his front legs give way and he was down.
    When I got to him I did a quick inspection and was very impressed by his body bulk, he must have been the dominant fella in the area, but no longer. I looked at his head only to notice that his left ear was completely split in two, an old wound but very obvious, I wonder how he got that, his front teeth were well worn but he also had a couple missing, Maybe a scrap in the rut?
    I called into the farm on my way home and Mr farmer was happy, I was happy and so were my dogs when I got home.
    Dressed out (head off, bottom part of the legs off and innards out) he weighed a respectable 40lbs. I know that there are bigger but it's the best that I've had by 2lbs..
    Piccy of his head. Anyone any idea how this might have happened?

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    Do you mean the slashed ear DM,if so then it would of been done in a tussle during the rut mate,I had one this rut with an ear slit twice,and regularly get Muntjac with torn ears.


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    Yes Martin, the slit, I was wondering if it could be rutting but dismissed it as there is nothing to push against, if you get my drift.

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    Well done fella its either a rut injuary or a barbed wire fence in winter.would agree with M as most likely.

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    I'd say that was a rutting injury too. I shot one on our ground during the rut that had an identical cut to its eye, and I pondered long enough until I decided it could only be that.

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    nice buck well done andy

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