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Thread: Hernia

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    Had an Hernia operation today.. no shooting and no Guinness for a bit ... any of you guys had one and any tips for getting up to speed quicker than the 'Alpha nurse' gave me


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    Had quite a big one about three years ago, off work for about 11 weeks. Best advise I can give is that once you are able to walk build up your fitness by gentley increasing the distance you can walk but for christs sake don't try and lift anything. Having followed the advice I'm pleases to say that other than the odd twinge in the first year I've made a full recovery. It takes a lot of self disciplie to not lift things and actually to say no to a woman who asks for a hand to lift something. If you had the same type of repair I did you shouldn't be driving for a fortnight either!
    Whilst I was off I did all the costings and drawings for a loft conversion to keep me from going crackers!

    Just take it easy and good luck for a full recovery.

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    Don't laugh!!!!!!!!

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    There has been a book written about this type of operation and may be of help, Russian Rupture bu Ivan Knockabollokov , get well soon and until you do take it easy.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    You can jest the surgeon mentioned something about taking one off

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinB View Post
    You can jest the surgeon mentioned something about taking one off
    Never had one myself but my father had a double would not go and get it seen to wore a truss and suffered for years
    eventually had it done and was a new man within a couple of months.

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    If you get a good surgeon you'll never know you had it done. Cover plaster of the next day, no stitches, glue. Insert underneath tare and good as new in 4 weeks.

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    Was it open surgery or keyhole?

    I had a minor hernia and had it done by keyhole. I was in great discomfort for that afternoon and the next day, but after then it wore off. Laughing was very dangerous for a while! I think I was driving again in a week and slowly got back to normal with the odd twinge now and then for another few weeks.

    What nobody told me till after the op was for keyhole they inflate your belly like a football to give room to work. Much of that gas comes out when they pull the tools out, but a lot is trapped, leaving you bloated and sore.

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    Yes had one a couple of years ago, I have always been fit and healthy but struggled for a long time after the op. I tried to do too much to soon, my advice is take it really easy even when you think you have got better. I ended up lactose intolerant after the op and never was before! Do not try and move a red stag like I did!


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    I've had the same spot repaired twice in 15 years. My advice would be to not believe your body the day/morning after the op if it's telling you to get up and do stuff. I did, ended up cleaning the house in boredom. Resulting in lots of extra bleeding and a scrotum the size of a grapefruit and black !

    Kids were scarred for life when they saw me in the bath :o)

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