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Thread: Falcon FN PCP air rifle, scope, stirrup pump

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    Falcon FN PCP air rifle, scope, stirrup pump

    Due to an unforseen situation I have to sell my beloved FN
    I had thought it was an FN19 when I bought it but suspect that due to the length of the chamber it is in fact an FN14 or 12.
    It is a 177

    Since I bought it last year it has been stripped and cleaned, detwanged (internal silencer- see here :: Detwangers and their position) and had new seals throughout.
    It has a SMK 4-16x50 AOE Mildot Illuminated scope with Front Parallax 15-150yds

    Fitted with Weirach silencer with custom internal baffles (tighter bore tolerance) and Requoil brass barrel adapter.
    With the other modifications this rifle is VERY quiet and stupidly accurate.

    Also fitted is a Quick fill adaptor with black cover, new seals in this also.

    Included in Sale is a two stage FX stirrup pump.
    I have found that it shoots best when filled between 170 and 190 BAR.
    (2 minutes of pumping!)

    I have three tins of Pellets some used but mostly full
    400+ Bisley Magnums
    450+ RWS Super H Points

    Also included is a kit of spare spring, cleaner pellets, lube bottle, two spare fill adapter covers, one brass and one black, spanner for screw on fill hose,

    Its is A1 condition, shoots very well, all the kit you could possibly need to go from startup to hunting/target shooting in one step.
    This rifle has accounted for numerous magpies and squirrels out to 40-50yds

    Comes with padded rifle sleeve

    I paid 325 for this but have since upgraded the scope (75) and moderator (55) and all the other aspects.

    I would like 350
    based in Edinburgh but will be travelling around to North East England, South West Scotland.
    PM me
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    Very interested in your setup. Are you able to post? Can you take paypal? David

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    hi, I can answer one question and am not sure about the legalities of the other.
    I dont take paypal I am afraid, they ripped me off on a sale I made some years ago and owe me money.

    Not sure about the posting. I will check but am pretty sure it is not something posties take now.
    Anyone else care to chip in and confirm or deny

    drop me a PM and we can have a chat

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    You might be ablt to send it via RFD think the charge is 25, if thtas wrong sorry.

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    I have sent one in the past via royal mail / parcel farce, separate the action from the stock and box. It will probably cost about 20 depending what else is included, As far as i am aware it is not an issue sending an air rifle via post ,obviously confirm that the recipient is over 18 then it should be fine.
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    Not 100% sure but as far as i know the Royal mail cannot refuse to carry airguns , if its well packaged and sent recorded delivery it shouldn't be a problem ( don't put pellets in with it though) but given the postage costs i think i would rather send it through RFD

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    this is still for sale but now has a duplex reticuled Leupold VX1 3-9x50 scope mounted on it.
    This scope was brand new and comes with box and paperwork.

    Will sell the air rifle, pump, moderator and original scope for 325 (+postage if req)
    Leupold VX1 3-9x50 can go separately for 190 posted

    barrel is being kept well tested whilst for sale and accounted for two big fat magpies yesterday!

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    yes looks like fn 12. how many shots per charge are you getting from it mate. i am very interested in the set up also

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    TBH I have never tested how many from one charge
    It works best between 16o-195 Bar.
    never shot enough in one day to test it as I just top it up when I get home or back to the car to keep it at optimum pressure.

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