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Thread: Stolen Quad Bike

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    Stolen Quad Bike

    Hi Guys,

    Just on the offchance i thought i would post this here,

    Last night i had a visit from someone and they used an oxyacetylene torch to cut the two Almax chains on my Quad Bike.

    Its a green Kawasaki KVF700 with a Warn winch and a black plastic container on the front, its also got quite a lot of deer blood on it.

    If anyone comes across it or gets offered it, or if anyone provides any information which leads to its return i am offering a 500 cash reward.



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    Sorry to here your news mate its rife around here at the moment they are even taking the fuel out of the tractors that are left in the fields. And they wonder why they can't fit into society. And when us fair paying tax payers say something we are then called racists because they are a minority. PURE SCUM . Hope you get it back mate.

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    fingers crossed mate

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    I will keep an eye on the Cheshire area magazines and local papers for you mate we have lost a few diggers over the years and a 25' bessacar caravan in the middle of the night a few years ago they cut the fences down to escape


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    hi i work at a large honda atv dealer in suffolk it may come offered as a trade in so will keep an eye out

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    I have had 2 go from our farm over the last ten years I think the fact they have been watching and sussing out your property makes it even worse! On friday night the buggers pulled down about 300 mtrs of power cable pole included only to leave the cable behind. The electricity guys who were repairing it yesterday said that the cable is not even worth any thing for scrap as it has a steel core running through the middle. So all they achieved was to make over time for the repaire team and put several houses out of power!

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