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Thread: Dangers

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    In this weeks ST mag there is a letter about a fallow buck caught up in a rope hanging from a tree the article starts with the word “recently” it goes on to say that the ranger shot the rope to liberate the beast as it was ok to have the rope still attached because it would cast its antlers within a few days, now correct me if l am wrong but have the fallow just gone through their antler growing period and they will not cast for a good few months yet.
    So this brings into question the welfare of the deer, if this incident did happen recently as the article suggests then a whole manner of things could happen to the beast like maybe tangle ling with another buck during the rut then another deer will be involved with even less chance of finding the unfortunate animals or maybe getting caught on a fence or similar.
    Now l can understand the reader wanting to publicise the good Samaritan work done by the ranger or to let us know of an unusual incident and it does publicise one of the dangers that our wildlife faces, but if it was a recent incident then maybe ST should think more of what they publish and when they publish it.(or am l just ranting )

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    I read the article. I would have shot the buck to be honest rather than let it run off to get tangeld up again. Or walked up to it and cut it free dependant on its reaction to the aproach.


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    I read the article but did not do a post mortem on it, just made a note of the point that was being put across.
    I come across this quite often on Salisbury Plain because of the telephone/missile wire left behind by troops, most times the only answer, if I find them in time, is a bullet, unfortunately.

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    I don't see why he didn't shoot the Buck. It may have recieved injuries from being tangled up that would affect the deer's standard of life and may lead to it suffering needlessly.

    Wouldn't a bullet in the deer be a safer option, rather than 'Trick' shots at bits of rope?

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    Agree with Beowulf, I thought the rope shooting thing a bit unlikely !
    One of the keepers near me had a fallow with its back legs caught between the top two strands of wire earlier this year. It was still alive when he shot it.

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    And a few months down the line......

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    That's pretty horrible Brings it home to you though doesn't it!

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    Sorry, I honestly didn't think it might offend people. I was called out by a local farmer, found these two in a wheat field. It took me an age to belly crawl close enough to actually see what i was doing. I guess my brain would not accept it. 30 meter out, then you get confronted with....which to shoot first. Lets just say, once you shoot the first, the second does not just stand still. The moral, ....don't leace rubbish, and anything tangled should be shot on sight. That way one dies, having lived a normal life, rather than two dieing slowly. Again sorry if the picture shocked. It just seemed appropriate.

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    nowt wrong with the pic mate you done them a fine favour, you could of come over all crocodile dundee and tryed to cut them free but you would of been injured in the process and theres no telling what injuries they are carrying, good job............

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    Sorry Duncs, I'm not offended, you misunderstood me. Its a good picture and your actions in dealing with the situation are commendable.
    As you so rightly say, these unfortunate animals met a terrible end due to litter!
    I'd like to get hold of pictures like this to show people who go on about hunters being 'blood thirsty' and killing for the sake of it. How many deer die each year due to peoples ignorance? Fly tipped rubbish, car accidents? Pet dogs killing and injuring deer and their fawns is another thing that really gets my 'pip'. I wouldn't think twice about shooting a dog that was chasing deer. Sorry thats just the way i feel about it!

    Good work Duncs!

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