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    dog food

    Hi Morena,
    Recently i have taken to supplementing my dogs food with deer heart,kidney and livers( it saves discarding it as before)
    I cut it into cubes ,cover with water and cook it whenever the oven is on
    for about 1/2 an hour. The dogs love it and seems to cause them no ill effects i can see but is their any signs that i should look out for in them.
    They also eat cooked/boiled pheasant breasts and rabbit chunks these they eaten since they were pups and again they love them.
    Regards Mark.

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    Lucky dogs . Don't cook too long otherwise can destroy the B group vitamins, leading to muscle weakness. Liver should never be fed in quantity. Firstly cause diarrhoea but more importantly cause cause an excess of Vitamin A which leads to abnormal bone growth where the vertebrae ( spinal bones ) actually fuse together making the spine rigid .This leads leads to all sorts of problems as the dog can't function properly.

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    re, dog food

    many thanks for the reply will adhere to your advise.

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