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Thread: Dangerous Game Cartridges - new book by Pierre van der Walt

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    Dangerous Game Cartridges - new book by Pierre van der Walt

    This may be of interest to some of you here. A new book has just been published on African Dangerous Game Cartridges. I back ordered a copy some months ago when I first heard of it and I have just received notification that these are now being shipped direct from the publisher.

    I have a copy of the promotional pdf flyer which tells you all about it. If anyone wants me to email it to them, send me your email address by PM.

    I have no connection to the author or publisher.

    Commissioned to Celebrate a Century of Big Bore Cartridges, African Dangerous Game Cartridges is a coffee table quality, 460 page, full colour book packed with unmatched combination of information such as:

    • Lion and elephant charge scenes and 400 other unique hunting and shooting photos including photographs of hunters who had been mauled by lion, leopard and buffalo!

    • A detailed analyses of the history, specifications, velocity parameters, characteristics, performance, optics, sighting, handloading tips and data for 48 dangerous game cartridges from the 9,3x62mm to the .600 NE.

    • Over 2,500 handloads covering all leading international propellants such as Accurate, Alliant, IMR, Hodgdon, ADI-Mulwex, Lovex, Norma, Ramshot, Rottweil, Somchem, Vectan-Tubal, Vihtavuori, Winchester. If it is info out there it is info in the book, making it the most comprehensive source of big bore cartridge load data in the world ever.

    • In depth discussions on doubles, bolt actions and the terminal behaviour of softs and solids plus lots more.

    Safari Press description:
    African Dangerous Game Cartridges was written to cover the proliferation of dangerous game cartridges that started about a century ago and has lasted into the second millennium. It is destined to become the book that will in future be quoted around campfires to settle arguments.

    Its focus is narrow: dangerous game cartridges, rifles, and the necessary accessories. While some may consider this too narrow a focus, the depth of detail makes it extremely valuable. It covers every sporting caliber from 9.3x62 to a .600 Nitro Express, for a total of 48 cartridges altogether. Written by a leading African professional, this book sets a standard for the genre, and in these 480 pages you will find a depth of knowledge and information that can be found nowhere else.

    In addition to the above, it contains essential information regarding rifles (bolt actions, doubles, and single shots), optics, cartridges, recoil management, and handloading. Any hunter who carries a big-bore rifle will be glad he bought a copy. It is superbly illustrated with almost 500 photographs, drawings, and tables, all of which are in color.

    The author has his own opinions and does not shy away from controversy. For example, he rejects old beliefs about sectional density and proposes a new philosophy. Around campfires throughout the world discussions and arguments on the relative merits and demerits of different sporting cartridges have raged for over a century. This informative book will be invaluable in helping you make a decision as to which cartridge you want to chamber in your next dangerous big-game rifle or what side to take in a philosophical debate. Foreword by Richard Harland.
    Book reviews from Pathfinder Book Publishers
    DeGeorges, Andre US Hunter. Former SCI Africa Office Manager. Conservation Academic, Lecturer and Author:
    "This is the best book on big bore calibers since Pondoro Taylor's. It is for all the guys who hunt, who just likes big bores or dream to hunt Africa. This I believe will become the new best seller all over the world"

    Harland, Richard Zimbabwean PH. Author of The Hunting Imperative, Ndlovu-The Art of Hunting the African Elephant, African Epic:
    "This book, African Dangerous Game Cartridges has, for me, filled a big void of ignorance … I promise you, the reader, that in these pages lie fascinating facts, discussions on subjects new and old and an array of topics to interest everyone who handloads, hunts, shoots with rifles, or just dreams of old Africa"

    Heath, Don (Ganyana) Zimbabwe PH License No 7. Former ecologist for Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Management Authority. Chief Examiner for the Zimbabwe’s Professional Hunter’s & Guide’s Association. Current Manager R&D, Norma Precision, Sweden:
    "Too much of what is published about dangerous game rifles and cartridges is written by experienced client hunters. Such info needs to come ‘out of Africa’ because the African ranger, warden or local citizen hunter is mostly equipped with manhandled equipment and often alone when things go wrong. Local needs and experience of cartridge performance consequently ranges from subtly to substantially different to that of the client. Pierre van der Walt has collected that critically essential ‘out of Africa’ information needed by any man who works amongst dangerous game and carries a big bore rifle ‘for real’ on a daily basis. For the periodic citizen hunter or visiting client the information in this book is equally invaluable - in brief, this is the essential and the definitive reference book for all who hunt dangerous game"

    Quimby, Bill Former SCI Director of Publications, outdoor journalist. A highly experienced African hunter, author of Sixty Years a Hunter, and co-author of half a dozen other international hunting books:
    "African Dangerous Game Cartridges is a well-written winner. It is the 480 most informative pages about dangerous game cartridges I have ever read. I predict this book will have a great following far into the future among every hunter who hunts or dreams of hunting Africa's dangerous game"

    Robinson, Steve African Outfitter, PH and Owner of Kuduland Safaris and the Shakari Connection:
    "You can take all the other books you have on you bookshelf about African rifles and cartridges and throw the whole lot in the trash. This publication will replace all of them and more! It covers every possible aspect of African cartridges, calibres, ammunition, bullets, optics and a whole lot more that any firearms enthusiast, handloader or hunter with any interest in the dark continent could ever possibly want to know. It is, quite simply, the most informative, comprehensive, understandable and entertaining book of its sort ever written. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will become the benchmark publication against which all others are measured"

    Sutherland, David Specialist PH trainer. Director of Sutherland Hunting Academy. Former Mpumalanga Parks Board Ranger and Problem Animal Control Officer:
    "African Dangerous Game Cartridges will be for the early 21st century what African Rifles and Cartridges had been for the late 20th century"
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    My copy arrived today! It looks impressive...

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