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Thread: Magazines that are worth reading?

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    Magazines that are worth reading?

    I have been in Australia for almost a year now, and I have to say I thought we had some poor shooting rags in America. These take the cake.

    I had tried to subscribe to Stalking Magazine on but they returned my money without any information.

    Your SPORTING RIFLE is very good.

    The new German language hunting magazine called PASSION that is put out by RWS, Blaser, Sauer, Mauser, and Ziess is very nice to look at, but I don't speak German.

    Is it Stalker dead?

    Our better US Magazines are in my opinion.







    We have quite a few others, and some of our bird magazines are good. But nothing like your bird magazines.

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    If there was a mag somewhere between guns and ammo and hustler....

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    Seth do you not get NZ Guns and Hunting in Australia - ? - worth a subscription......are you sick of looking at pictures of wild boar ???

    Hope you having a good time over there anyway...!!!

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    I must have had all the US ones at one time or another over the years. Sometimes subscribed, sometimes just picked up one of everything if there was a Barnes & Nobel at an airport! The only ones I get now are Sports Afield | The Worlds Premier Hunting Adventure Magazine, Gray's Sporting Journal and Rifle. I will pick up Eastman's Hunting Journal when I can - not 'professional' writers' stories, but great stories written by normal people and great trophies.

    If you like African hunting, then African Hunter or African Hunting Gazette (depending on your taste) are worth finding. Someone also sent me these recently Dangerous Game Hunting which are produced twice a year.

    Although the UK's Sporting Rifle seems to be getting better, it doesn't quite do it for me, but I do pick it up occasionally. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! The Field has become (maybe always was) very stuck up but can contain interesting articles. If you want variety, Fieldsports is pretty good (quarterly, which I think works in its favour).
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    Mate, how good would it be if they did Passion in English?

    Some of the Aussie ones are terrible, Sporting Shooter probably the worst. Australian Shooter is pretty crappy too but it comes free with SSAA membership.
    Guns and Game normally has at least something in it.
    Wild Deer is usually crap but has worthwhile articles occasionally if you can get past the crimes against the English language perpetrated by the writers and tolerated by the editor.

    Some of the US ones seem very focused around AR variants and handguns and probably don't appeal to Aussies (except mall-ninjas).

    On the up side, NZ Hunter is very good and so is Sporting Rifle (the English one).

    The other two best ones now are the two Gary Rodgers ones, Australian Deer Hunter and Australian and International Trophy Hunter. I reckon the current (Sept 11) AITH had the best content of any mag I've read for a while.

    After 11 weeks at home with a broken ankle from a Queensland pig hunting trip I feel qualified to speak on this subject!


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    Bill, I occasionally buy them all. When we first got here I bought all of them, but it didn't take much before I quit. Now I scan the rack for moderately interesting ones, but usually I just exist on what I get delivered to the Embassy; RIFLE SHOOTER, RIFLE, RELOADER, PETERSON'S HUNTING, ALASKA, VARMINT HUNTER and SPORTS AFIELD.

    You know I had forgot about how good the Varmint Hunter Association Magazine is, the writing is usually half professional half submissions. But honestly, the quality of the technical firearm articles in it by both professionals and just your average "rifle crank" is exceptional. I have to say that the technical side of a lot of our American gun magazines can be very low. Especially if the guy isn't really a gun guy, but the magazine needed a gun article.

    Eastman's Journal is ok for help on good areas for draw hunts, and occasionally a non-pro writer will spin a pretty good tale. However the quality of their technical writing is piss poor at best. I wrote a letter to the editor concerning how poor an article was once, and the writer penned me a really nasty series of threats via email. Kind of resulted in a bit of a war and the police were called, I even called the magazine and told them to cancel my subscription. It was supposed to be a very technical firearm evaluation article where the writer evaluated 5 different rifles. His evaluation consisted of shooting each one of them 20 times and writing a story about it. He even told me that in the ongoing email chain. I wish I still had those emails.


    As far as Australian magazines I get Shooter, Hunter, the ADA junk-mag, and thats it. Next year I will only get Shooter and the NRA mag. I joined a F-class/Full Bore club here in Canberra and shoot there almost every weekend, for $50 I got to join the NRA and I am guessing I get the magazine. I have not seen it yet. Since I have access to private land that isn't NSW State Forest and we have paid for some Sambar country in Victoria I don't need to use the state forest.

    Wild Deer is a beautifully done magazine, but the writing is piss poor. Reminds me of the Safari Club magazine.

    I wish the Hatari Times guy would get healed up and start putting out his magazine again. Harald Wolf is a great writer of technical articles.

    There are a lot of good hunting writers that are **** at the technical side. There are a lot of good technical writers that can't tell a story.

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    Yes Passion would be wonderful in English, and I really hope they are smart enough to do that.

    The German speakers are very lucky when it comes to hunting magazines, they have some very beautiful ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Seth View Post
    I wish the Hatari Times guy would get healed up and start putting out his magazine again. Harald Wolf is a great writer of technical articles.
    Yes, I definitely agree.

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    Alas, The Stalking Magazine is no more. I have just been fortunate enough to have access to over 20 years worth of them. It was an all to short a time to read through them, but the names who were involved in the articles were like a who's who of stalking in the UK. Some better than others, obviously.

    I will give you the three names or the writers who inspired me most; Ken Griffin for his evocative writing on Highland Stalking, Richard Prior for his delightfully written exploits with deer and the late Arthur Cadman for his wit and irreverance.

    Where are their like today?

    Yours sadly, Simon
    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Best magazine I know by far is Magnum magazine. Its from South Africa, Cracking stories , exellent technical advice, pulls no punches, its for PC bullsh:t A few pages are in Africaans but rest in English. Let me know you address Alaska Seth and I will send you one of my precious copies from my death like grip

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