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Thread: Anybody going to Croatia 15th dec?

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    Anybody going to Croatia 15th dec?

    Hello, Anybody going to Croatia for driven boar on 15th dec to 19th dec with the Hunting Agency? I booked on my own and just wondered if anybody else near me was going.
    cheers, Ian
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    That'll be with Tommo I expect, probably staying at 'Tony's' in the hills.
    Good luck.
    I read all these posts of people going to Croatia, Hungary etc 'on their own' or 'just with a mate' but when I ask around early in the year to try and get a bunch of us together nobody seems to answer.

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    Yes, i must admit i saw your post. I work abroad for weeks at a time and find it very hard to commit to a date but booked time off work for this one. Ian

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    I am going the week before you and returning the Monday of the week you go out.
    I am also going in November and again in January.
    There are agents doing trips, all very similar, each week from the end of October with some going right through to the end of January, naturally with a break for Christmas and New year.
    It is just a matter of picking the one that suits you best.
    I do tend to meet quite a few of the same people on these trips but for some reason we never get ourselves organised and go together on purpose.
    If we 'Bunched Up' and all used the same agent and went together we may get better value but so far it is only a few of us, not enough to make a complete group, that book together.
    I keep trying to round some up each year, maybe one day it'll fall into place.
    Have you seen the 'you tube' film on the web, Roo made one last year. Him and Tommo start it off so you will recognise it if you find it.

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    Yes, i saw the you tube film. Your right, it would be good to get a trip with some people off here. Your gonna be busy travelling. I picked Roo to go with as he was right on the ball with contacting me, letter, email and phonecall. I thought i would try him and see how it goes. Waiting on my rifle to come.

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