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Thread: Good start to elk season

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    Good start to elk season

    Elk hunting started last sunday in this area of Norway and my mate and i where up at the hunting area late sat afternoon to meet in with the hunting team and for mate to do his rifle test as he had only arrived the day before,after a good meal and a few drinks we drew our Posts for the following day,when i asked what they thought of my post i got a big thumbs up from the all.
    We set of to the hunting area at first light after a good breakfast, several cars where setting of in different directions to get into position around the huge area that was to be hunted,as we drove along the track we saw an Elk cow walking towards us, but she soon walked into the thick cover.
    On arriving at my post i could see it was a good place,a large clear fell surrounded by mature trees on a steep bank, i got myself settled in as the the sun rose onto the bank,there was a covering of mist lying at the bottom of the area so i was constantly looking down for any movment, i had been sitting for approx an hour when i thought i heard a branch snap, again i peered into the fog, i couldnt believe my eyes as a massive black shape seemed to rise out of the fog, i noticed his antlers straight away and soon had my crosshair on his chest,as the shot rang out he charged straight ahead into the trees and out of site, with my heart pounding i radioed in to report what had happened and set off down the hill, as i arrived to roughly where he had been standing i soon found a tuft of cut hair 6ft behind where two deep scuf marks where he had launched himself forward,i made my way into the trees and soon spotted the huge body lying dead approx 20yds ahead, again i radioed in my find..
    It was not long before the first member of the team arrived, we managed to role him onto his back so i could gralloch him, as more members arrived and a tractor was on its way, this was to be Extreme extraction,a chain saw appeared and a few trees where felled to let the tractor in.
    this pic was taken from where he was standing, i was 120 yds up th bank

    And here he is 223kg dressed out

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    Nice pitures and write up congratulaions on a succesful trip.

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    Nice beast good write up. I will definitely be having a go at that one day

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    + one nice write up and some good pictures, makes the fallow and roe seem a bit tame, but dont envy you with the extraction mate.

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    very nice, I'm only slightly jealous, tell a lie, hugely so. A great country with a fine hunting attitude.

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    VERY VERY NICE!!!!!!!
    well done something for the memory bank!!!

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    How do you gralloch something that size?? Do you climb inside?

    Well done! Tam keeps telling me he wants to go over to do this, now I see why.

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    Well done,and congrats on a nice bull, it's got me excited as i'm going to be in Sweden a week today for the start of the Swedish elk season on the Monday...can't wait, hope to get something as nice as yours.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post

    How do you gralloch something that size?? Do you climb inside?

    Well done! Tam keeps telling me he wants to go over to do this, now I see why.
    from the look of the photos, with a chainsaw!
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    Congrats on a fantastic first day Nell

    Our season starts on Wednesday next week, I hope my first day goes as well as yours!

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