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Thread: Field Cleaning Kit

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    Field Cleaning Kit

    I am doing DSC1 and note the safety advice that if the muzzle gets plugged with mud or snow on a stalk, abandon the stalk if you cannot clean it out. So the question remains, what should I take with me to clear the obstruction.

    Clearly a normal rod is too long to carry with you, and a bore-snake/pull through has little weight to get through an obstruction.

    I have seen advice on here about coated curtain springs, but don't fancy the metal end of a spring scratching the bore if the coating wears a bit.

    Presumably since the safety advice gives the option to remove the obstruction there should/must be a purpose made solution for .243, .270, .308 and similar to do so - what is it ?

    All advice gratefully received.


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    length of curtain wire rolled up + bore snake, simple as the ad sayes.

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    A few years ago there was a collapsible cleaning rod marketed. Folded up it measures about 4 or 5". I carry one of those in my bag just in case I manage to plug the muzzle. To be honest, as a cleaning rod, it's about as much use as t!ts on a fish. I've not seen them advertised for ages though, so I presume a lot of people reached the same conclusion as me.
    Aha, just went away and googled it. Here's a link to it
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    I have a 3 piece aluminium rod but I have never taken it with me!

    the simple answer is keep your muzzle out of the mud! but net curtain wire seems to be the consensus for DSC answers

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    Red face

    Insulating tape over the end of the barrel...
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    I have practical experience of this. I was stalking took a shot thought beast was dead re loaded stood up slung rifle and sling somehow detached stuffing barrel with mud. Beast wasn't dead and had to severe artery in neck. Couple of things 1) always check my sling now before going out 2) brought a folding rod from Sinclair I'll try and find a link. I got it from USA with jags for stuck cartridges. Look on u tube they have a demo vid.

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    This the link straight to Sinclair
    Sinclair Mobile

    Video link
    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Hope this helps
    I also carry a boresnake to clean out any large debris and a Napier in vehicle.

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    cleaning kit

    Just put tape over barrel no need to carry rods,the best solutions are usually simple idears

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    Tape is a good prevention. But not a solution if you get a blockage. Harry macs is the same rod as Sinclair

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    I use the curtain wire. I've blocked one end with Araldite to cover the actual wire.

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