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Thread: Short Notice Park cull - Gloucestershire.

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    Short Notice Park cull - Gloucestershire.

    Hi everyone,

    Due to a late cancellation, we have an opportunity two people to gain experience in culling and gralloching on a park cull tomorrow in Gloucestershire.

    It is an ideal chance to brush up on your DSC Level 2 shooting/gralloching and inspection skills, and gain from professional instruction.

    The cost is 170 per person, although you need to contact me on 07707 118612 BEFORE 10.00pm tonight, as I will not be online, or checking emails from now on.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    Hi Mike

    I'm glad that you are offering these days for guys who want to learn. I have no doubt that one can learn more in a day in a park that you could in a years wild stalking. Shot reaction, placment and how to work the deer to get that one that you're after when it's mingling in with the pack. People are under the misconception that park culling is an easy job, it's far from it. To stalk a single deer in a park, yes. But to go and cull ten-fifteen deer that fit the quota for the day is a whole different game, especially when there under pressure.


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    argh! would loved to join you again mike! if you get anymore would you bear me in mind please ;-) many thanks stu..

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