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Thread: 40ft Static Caravan For Sale

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    40ft Static Caravan For Sale

    Hi All

    Just testing the water here as i don't have any pics as yet.

    Last year we obtained a new stalking lease in Ayreshire, the previous syndicate were asked to remove their 40' static caravan but as they no longer had the lease they could not be bothered.

    As this caravan is in need of tidying up and we had our own 40' in better condition we positioned our own making the existing one redundant.

    The forrestry company state that we can sell/get rid of it if we want or they will bury it.

    So if anyone wants a caravan for 50 and are willing to collect by lorry the offer is there..., if anyone is interested i can send pics/discuss on the phone.



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    Stick it on on eBay got 850 for my 30" static it went to Poland believe it or not !

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    Hi Tina

    In the end I'm afraid the forrestry Co crushed it up for us and burried it.. , no takers at the time so to make way for our new accomodation it had to go somewhere..

    Can't say I know of any other caravans for sale but will let you know if I see anything..


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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