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Thread: a question for home loaders

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    a question for home loaders

    having decided to empty a few batches of bullets ,to then reload a fresh batch of all the same powder and bullet weight,after having used the kinetic bullet puller to empty the cases ,i was wondering if the same cases would still be fine to use with the primer ,the reason i ask is after loading back up with powder then seating the bullet i seamed to go into the neck far to easly ,and just put some doubt in my mind .

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    You could, as Muir pointed out to me a while ago, run the primed cases through your resizing die again to restore the neck tension. Just remove the decapping pin so that the primer is left alone and be careful with the case lube.

    Regards JCS

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    thanks for that reply JCS,that makes sense

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    Arron, you really need to get rid of that hammer mate, treat yourself to a good collet /die puller., much easier on the bench, & far tidier from a powder point of view.
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    thanks for that finn ,i shall check them out,does one size fit all or have they to match the calliber ,regards arron.

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    Have used a Kinetic puller when needed for years and never hit it on the bench. I whack it onto the face of a Thor dbl copper mallet... Works for me.

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    Whenever I use the Kinetic Mallet I whack it on the flat side of a half cwt weight as used on the old fashioned balance scales.
    A bit of hard sponge/rubber in the bottom of the hammer to protect the nose of the released bullet, no problem.
    If I have several to take apart then I use an RCBS collet butllet puller for which I have several different calibre collets.

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