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Thread: Greetings from Cornwall

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    Greetings from Cornwall

    Hi one and all. I'm Pete, signed in as "downwind" I'm fortunate to live in the lovely county of Cornwall. I've been stalking since 1991, mainly on roe with the occasional invite to stalk red in Devon. I use a Sako 75 .243 for both red and roe. Been looking at your Stalking Directory Forum for a while, most interesting and informative. Don't know if I can contribute much to the forum, but I'll have a go and hope I don't make a mug of myself. Cheers for now, Pete.

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    Re: Greetings from Cornwall

    Quote Originally Posted by downwind
    hope I don't make a mug of myself.
    Why be different from the rest of us?

    If you have been stalking since '91 I suspect you've got quite a lot to offer. Welcome to the forum and we look forward to getting your views.

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    Hi Pete, nice to see another stalker in the South West, i'm in Devon. Look forward to reading your post's.

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    Another Cornish boy, we need to stick together! Where exactly are you?

    Welcome to the forum, sure you will find it interesting.


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    Thanks for the comments Gents. Us West country chaps seem to be in the minority.
    Cornishman, I aint been called a boy for some years (well decades actually ) I'm up in Parson Hawker country, just a bit north of Bude.
    Tony, are you down in South Devon? Looks like a nice bit of woodland where Dave shot his roe doe. Most of our trees are bent by the sea breezes. Cheers, Pete.

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