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Thread: Hello from Norfolk

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    Hello from Norfolk

    Main interests are shooting and fishing. I enjoy all forms of shooting but favourites are probably wildfowling and stalking.
    I have 20g O/U (share with missus) and 12g beretta O/U, 12g beretta auto, FAC theoben air-rifle, .22lr cz and tikka SS lite .243. Licence is having variation for .308 added and will probably get another tikka. Hawk scopes on air-rifle and rimfire, cheap and cheerful but perfect for the job they do, but z6 swarovski on tikka. Got space on ticket for hmr too, and I'll get one when time is right and she is looking the other way!
    Did DSC1 two years ago and found it very useful. Considering DSC2, oh and I also help out on a small pheasant shoot.
    Got two yellow labs and a sprocker which all work, although never used them on deer yet. (luckily haven't had too)

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    welcome, fowler good bunch of guys on here regards biker1

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hello to all cant remember if i introduced myself already but here it goes. my name is eoin mcsweeney 33years old. living in cork ireland. main interests would be shooting rabbits foxes and deer all in that order. been shooting now since i was 16 i have a cz455 for rabbits, tikka t3 223 for foxes and long range varmints, a tikka action fitted with a lothar walter barrel 26 inch which i am currently waiting on. any cheers for taking the time to read this and i hope to make many more posts.

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