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Thread: .22 Centrefire

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    .22 Centrefire

    I am thinking of getting a .22 CF for vermin, I have heard good and bad about .222's, 22-250 and 223's.... I am not sure which caliber to go for at the moment.

    My queerie is,

    Has anybody applied fo a .22CF without the cartridge being specified and the issuing constabulary not challenging it. I am with Northern Constabulary now, who are to be honest, "On the Ball".



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    not quite the same, and i'm not in jockland, but...

    when i asked for a .30?, plod told me i must be specific, then if i choose say .308 instead of 30-06 i just need to apply for 1 for 1 variation which takes less than a week and is free.

    why choose a .22cf? you already have the perfect vermin calibre in your .243 ( and in your .308)


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    Hello Gary,

    How's it going with you?

    I fancy a specific night time tool for the job, I have a night sight (3rd Gen) sat doing nothing and feel I should do it some justice and mount it to something.

    A 22CF will push out to 300m flat trajectory with great ease which will be the pefrect tool for the job.

    I don't wan't to lose the option of .243 or .308 for stalking as this will be a specific set up which I don't want to swap scopes over for every other week.

    I have a slot on my ticket for the 1 for 1. I really can't see me getting a .17hmr as I have a .22rf

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    Hello Stu,

    Now that you are back in the land of sensible constabularies the easiest thing for you to do is to phone them and explain that you want a 22CF but are not sure which one. Better yet living where you do just pop into the firearms department and explain your dilemma to them, I bet if you tell them it all depends on the best deal you can get that will help .

    For what it is worth I have a 222 and am quite happy with that.


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    Cheers John

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    22 centrefire

    johns advice was good.

    My cousin, Ben, uses a cz 527 american in .223. it is a super rifle.

    he uses 55 gr bullet over N140 with devestating effect on foxes and crows


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    why not get another .243 and load it with some 55's - same performance as a 22-250 (including barrell wear), but still deer legal for all species if you use the correct round.

    you'll then get some good sport convincing the coppers to let you have two 243's.

    or perhaps just get 2 sets of quality QD mounts, then you save on doubling up on all the kit you need for an additional rifle/new calibre. dies, mod etc...etc...

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    Actually you can only apply for a 22cf and NOT a specific cartridge according to both your FAC and the Variation forms.

    The Police for some reason do it all wrong and believe they are correct.
    The application asks for a calibre not a cartridge and your FAC also shows the same but a pound to a penny your rifles are listed as cartridges not calibres.

    Ask and maintain and you will be granted. They MUST stick to the law as it is written not as they wish to interpret it BUT be polite.

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    sure I asked specifically for a .223 not a .22cf I know the guy who did mine was really helpful Stu so just buzz em can't hurt

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    Have a look at the guidance document, I think it answers the original question. Either look at the Home Office site or BASC.

    10.5 Applicants are required to enter the
    calibre and type of firearm(s) to be purchased
    or acquired. The information will need to be
    specific and not cover a range of calibres or
    a generic group such as .22 CF (centrefire).

    Therefore you do need to specify.

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