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Thread: First Sika

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    First Sika

    Yesterday ,Friday, saw me in beautiful Dorset with Local Yokel off the site.He has a patch of ground here courtesy of his Godfather .The area ,although small is situated within a large forest area of mixed woodland and is mostly cleared forest ground with high pruned areas .The local deer are mostly sika with a sprinkling of roe and fallow and they are making a nuisance ,as only deer can,by eating the regrowth as fast as it appears . There is two high seats ,one at either end that allows to cover the whole patch and any deer on it are shootable when both seats are filled .We arrived in good time for day break and we were in our seats as the first rays came up .Just before it got light the sika stags started whistling in the forest around us ,including one right behind Locals seat but despite both our efforts to lure it closer with the screery nothing showed .Probably said more about our calling than the state of the rut .Shortly after daybreak a pair of hinds ran up my side ofthe open ground and i thought maybe a stag was incoming but no show.Just after that a pair of prickets or spikers if thats the correct terminology showed on the edge of the forest and only 40 yds from my seat .The seat design is such that there is no side support for a shot so a careful move had to be off hand .They appeared nervous about being in the open so movement was very slow until i had the rifle where i wanted it and my first sika fell to a high neck shot .What a feeling ,This has been a long time coming with several trips a blank but definately worth the weight to complete all six deer species in the uk shot to date .He was bigger than i imagined a spiker to be with a huge stomach ,disproportionate to its size.We carried him out to the car ,a trip of several hundred yds through the woodland and were treated to glorious sunshine filtering through the firs .sat back in the seat to enjoy the sights and surrounds and treated to more hinds in the afternoon that browsed slowly on the grasses . Saw 7 deer in all .Locals seat however yielded nothing but squirrels .As the evening came on the sika once again became vocal and we tried again to lure a stag to us with no results .My sincere thanks to Local for a cracking day out.

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    Well done Foxdropper,

    Thanks for the write up, hope to get my first Sika soon
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Congrats on completeing all six


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    Good fella, well done

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    More than welcome mate - made you sing for your supper though with a bit of tree work earlier in the year though

    I was surpised with the size as well - when you're used to Roe trying to get a sika up on a hook makes you wish you ate more spinich. I'll weigh him tomorrow now i've found a pully as once I'd lifted up to the roof beam (off the top plate of a step ladder) I was buggered if I was taking him down again.

    A few more pics from the day..

    The view from my seat as the dawn mist cleared:

    The view from some of the 'grip adjustment' breaks carrying the spiker back to the car.

    The last few yards:

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    Well done mate I knew it was only a matter of time before grassing that elusive sika. Next time an 8 point stag will cross your path

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    Well, done Tim, really pleased for you.


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    well done, nice animal cracking ground by the looks as well

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    Really is a nice piece of England ,made all the more special for me by the presence of sika.We take a lot for granted here but the early mornings in such a place make you appreciate what we have .My thanks again mate .

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    Well done, your first but no doubt not your last Sika.

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