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Thread: Eezox Oil

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    Eezox Oil

    Is this still available in this country? I've looked on the midwayuk website plus various others, but can't find a mention of it.

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    The advertising splerge makes out it is as good as Ballistol but I find that hard to believe

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    Yes a bit OTT! But the tests speak for themselves
    Don't know why Midway have stopped carrying it - I suppose because of transport regulations.

    Corrosion Protection Products within

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    If this really is as good as they say it is, I'd not want this to get anywhere near the chamber of a rifle. If it only takes a minute amount to provide such good lubricating qualities surely even a tiny amount in the rifle's chamber would stop the case sticking to the chamber wall during obturation, this would seriously increase bolt thrust. Not a good thing if you like your head-space measurements to stay within spec.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Could well be! I certainly wouldn't want that in my bore. I'll bet it plays hell with your first few (dozen?) shots.~Muir

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    No different to Kroil or any other oil in that respect, surely?

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