I had two guys from the site here for two days to try for boar and bucks they have just gone home more than happy with the boar outcome (bucks are quiet)
I have seen the same movements and routine by the boar as the last 3 or 4 years and
can almost guess where land damage will be seen next , so have been feeding same areas
as last few years with the food being taken now for a few weeks. I had a night in a seat
with a friend to watch with nv last week and we think 18 or 19 boar were feeding with a
the mixture of ages i expect to see at this time of year, so were surprised with what
showed up when i took Ian (Crimsonbullseye) and Olli (Olli223) out on Thursday night.
One of the guys will do a write-up and post pics soon
Enjoyed your company lads and look forward to seeing the mount when he is done Ian