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Thread: Neoprene Scope Covers/Gloves

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    Neoprene Scope Covers/Gloves

    Can anyone recommend me a scope glove/cover to protect my glass?

    I mean the ones that cover the full scope and protect it against knocks and scratches. I'm wanting a couple to protect my scopes in the cabinet more than anything, as it's getting a bit crowded in there.

    I had a quick look at the niggeloh one at the midland and at 20 it looked better than the garland alongside it. Anyone use the Leupold one, or the Jack Pyke, which are a lot cheaper?



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    Hi Dave,if you want something with plenty of padding try Soldier Of Fortune,Corwen.Search their online military catalouge for scope cover.
    regards Andrew

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    Cheers Andrew, will look them up.

    Hope all well at your end.


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    If you just want a plain neoprene one then have a search on the web for "Scopecoat" (see, for example, I use these on my scopes to protect them from dings when they're in the cabinet.

    I ordered mine originally from Scopecoat themselves ( Their service was excellent.

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