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Thread: The ultimate scope. (please reccomend and advise!)

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    The ultimate scope. (please reccomend and advise!)

    OK. To cut a long story short. Someone close to me wants to buy me a scope as a gift. No special occasion, they just want to help me out.

    They said that budget is not an issue, but I do not want to spend over 2500.

    They went to a lot of trouble and spent hours on the internet looking at various scopes (I pointed them to the Zeiss, Swarovski and Schmidt and Bender websites) and features.

    They keep bombarding me with questions of the type:

    1. Do you want a scope with an intergrated range finder?

    2. What magnification?

    3. Fixed or variable magnification?

    Now, a bit of background to my stalking ground:

    I will be mostly hunting red and Roe deer (but occasionally others, most probably fallow) in mixed terrain. The land is in Scotland and consists of hills, forests, open areas and crevasses. I am also shooting at targets with my rifle club, so I want to use the scope there too. Maybe in the future I take boar shooting too, so I am after an all arounder of a scope, really! The scope will go on a A bolt in .308

    I was thinking maybe going for a variable magnification (say 2.5-10x56), definitely illuminated reticle (flash dot, maybe?) and certainly a scope that is capable of low light operation (something like Zeiss' T* multicoating) hopefuly allowing for water repelling pearl-off effect and for simplified cleaning.

    I am open to suggestions, please help me out here. There are so many models out there, it drives me crazy. Plus, since someone else is buying it for me, I would like to make sure I get the best scope for the money they spend on me with a scope that will last me long and serve me well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    My personal choice would be a Nightforce. I have had one on my .243 for ten years now, use it every week in from Sept - Apr and put about two - three hundred rounds through each year. It has NEVER let me down. My model of choice is the NSX 5.5-22 X 56 with the NP2-DD ret. For woodland Roe on 5.5 would be good, for open fell Reds on 14-16 and for targets then you can crank it right up. The illuminated dot in the middle is supurb as well. It should cost you about 1600ish I think. As I said I have had mine for ten years now and it's the best bit of kit I've got. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
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    I dont think that you'll go wrong with anything from one of the big 3 manafacturers (Zeiss, Swarovski, S&B).Your criteria seem well thought out. Rangefinding scopes generally have poorer light transmission than regular models. I have Zeiss and S&B and am happy with both(V 2.5-10 x50 IR & Zenith 3-12 x 50 FD). It depends on the eyes that view it but I have heard that the Swarovski Z6 range loses out slightly to the top end Zeisses in twilight performance. My mate has a Zeiss Varipoint 3-12 x 56 with lotutec and the 60 reticle, that's a nice scope. Don't know if this helps but good luck anyway.
    Regards Toby

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    1st off You think you need IR scope ! YOU DONT !!

    If its to dark to see your reticule you have either picked the wrong reticule or its to dark to take the shot.

    i would also go for a 50 as opposed to a 56, you will not be able to tell the difference. And you can use lower mounts

    Schmidt and Bender PM11 range or the Precision Hunter.
    Swarovski z6 .

    Remember to look at the weight as some scopes weigh a LOT ( Nightforce )

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Splash, I understand your argument about the IR. It makes sense. I just have it in my mind as something I want, more than something I need, if that makes sense. The way I see it is, IR is there, I can chose whether to use it or not. If it is not there that option is taken from me. Would a 56mm objective not collect more light than a 50mm objective lens? Why should I prefer lower mounts? What is their advantage over higher ones?

    Toby, this is what I thought, and the reason I pointed them to the direction of these manufacturers. But because of the detail their websites go into, they seem to have become excited with the possibilities and now they are asking me specific questions, some of which I do not understand!

    Paul, good suggestion. For some reason I did not think of Nightforce before. I shall have a look!

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    If you plan to dial my pick would be a schmidt pm2. The model would depend on the range you shoot your targets at the club. I have a 5-25 and use it for everything. a lower mag / lighter model may suit you better if you don't engage small targets at long range.

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    Schmidt and Bender PM11

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    1st off You think you need IR scope ! YOU DONT !!
    I beg permission to disagree. An un-illuminated reticule thick enough to be seen against a dark roe at 50m in woodland will obscure the target area of a fallow 200m out in the middle of a field.

    A thin reticule, such as the S&B P4 Fine, with illumination, allows one to shoot in both the above scenarios in confidence - light on for the woodland, light off for the field.
    KevinF -

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    swarovski 6 - 24 x 50 tds 4i reticle - allows some very precise long range stuff, especially on larger deer. no fancy controls on back end so add on NV not a problem. light gathering excellent. only downside is it doesnt have target turrets but its a fantastich hunting scope. zeroed at 200y tha bars on the tds are pretty much calibrated for most deer rifles at 100y intervals, if you reload you can tailor loads to suit. i loved mine so much i bough another. discontinued model now to make way for z6 range etc.

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    I would go go for a zeiss diavari 6x24x56 or 3x12x56 illuminated. High mag and illumination at a reasonable weight. Unbeatable optics.
    DO buy a 56 mm and not a 50mm
    DO buy schmidt zeiss or swarovski
    DO buy illuminated reticle
    The reason being they will put you on deer 15mins earlier at dawn and 15 mins later at dusk

    ATB Steve

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