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Thread: Mae Moderator .17-.223

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    Mae Moderator .17-.223

    For Sale - Stainless Steel Mae (PES) Moderator - 1/2inch Thread (on ticket)
    Good for .17 - .223
    90 Collection Only.

    If this doesn't sell in the next fortnight i'll be trading it in for some bullets and powder at my local RFD but maybe someone local is interested???

    It measures approx. 156mm long and 32mm diameter. It is proofed as .204 Ruger and exit aperture measures as .272. Its what i would call in very good condition although there are some small marks (see pic) so best describe it as good (just being fussy)

    As i said, if it doesn't sell in the next fortnight it'll be going to the RFD.


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    Hi Mate
    Is this an over barrel moderator, the one with the rear bushing Thank you !


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    Hi Steve,
    No this is not an over barrel mod

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    Any one?

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    Which model no. is this and what does it weigh, please?

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    Speaking to JMS Arms its a Small Muzzle Can - 224 STS (but not the newer one on their site) . It weighs approx. 329grams

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    hi mate im intrested but im not local could we send to my local rfd at my expence ,

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    PM sent

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    Now Sold
    Cheers for looking,

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