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    dizzie button buck

    Had our stir up day today on the pheasants and on the second to last drive about 3/4 of the way through the drive, a fellow beater called me over to where he was standing. He was stood over a yearling roe buck. We were beating out a popular plantation that the buck was laid up in and the noise of us beating must of disturbed his afternoon nap. I can only think he took to his feet to run from us and hit one of the populars so i tried to get him to his feet to send him on his way only to see him fall again, after 5 mins of this he got to his feet and ran about 10 yards only to fall into a heap again, after seeing that i thought i would do the right thing and stuck him. Should also add that there were no signs of any thing broken. Should i of left him alone? would he come round or would he die of shock? any advice would be great.

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    Possible that this youngster has got up rapidly, run straight into a tree and was suffering from concussion but this being a pheasant shoot also possible that it had been over eating kale/rape (possible cover crop) or has been raiding pheasant feeders and ended up pissed. Obviously there is the possibility of some disease but whether you did "the right thing" will never really be known. The effects of over eating kale or raiding pheasant feeders would not necessarily be long term.

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    Personally, with no sign of injury, I'd have left him alone to recover his wits. What you did with the carcass will answer the question of whether or not you did the right thing.
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    You did the right thing the deer was not right at all .But Harry is correct what you do with a carcase after is as important as the dispatch.

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    some parasitic infestations can produce symptoms of dizziness.
    I forget of what exactly, but do remember seeing this exact thing in a roe deer in a veterinary magazine.

    personally I doubt a buck would give himself self inflicted concussion on a tree by standing up. you have seen how they beat the snot out of each other in the rut without similar effect.

    either way, I wouldn't have let him live to stumble out onto a road or be injured through some other means.

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