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Thread: .222 home loading

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    .222 home loading

    hi, im wanting to reload my .222 any help loads wear i can get a bullets primers etc from, can i buy them from the net etc?
    help need please

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonefoxin View Post
    hi, im wanting to reload my .222 any help loads wear i can get a bullets primers etc from, can i buy them from the net etc?
    help need please
    Howdy mate ok you cant buy expanding bullets on the web or mail order,you can however get target none expanding ammo mail order,you dont say what you wish to shoot, but Iwill assume you are foxing or shooting small deer in England or roe in Scotland, you will have to go to a rfd to get primers and bullets,powder ect,if however you want target bullets Henry Krank in leeds are well worth a chat to as they do mail order,as for reloading data a good start is Hodgdon reloading data centre,just google it,loads of useful data for .222 good luck mate and welcome to the black art of reloading

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    what do you want to shoot with it muntjac or cwd. if so your going to need 50 grain bullets. if your using it just for fox i would go for the 40 grain blizkings, cci benrest primer
    and reloader 7 powder.

    i have had some very good groups when i had a 222 with that set up. just get your local rfd to order it in for you if he doesn't stock it.

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    thanks, im just using it for foxin and wanting to see what i can do with it . ill give that load a try thanks jay 22

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    its a good load. i found the 222 very easy to load for. and not very fussy on col it was shooting 4 shots into a 5 pence piece.

    my friend i go shooting with still has his. he uses 40 grain blizking or 40 grain vmax with n110 powder. not a fast load only around 3000 fps.
    but its deadly accurate, and as its a fast burning powder it doesn't use many grains.

    its not much different to a hmr in noise

    i forgot to say you can order powder by post but it has to go by a secure post to you. and the cost doesn't make it cost affective
    i was going to get some from reloading solutions once and i think the post was 30+ pound !!
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    PM sent re mail order, but also see posting by Orion here :

    The bottom line is RFDs don't HAVE to enter projectiles on the FAC, but of course it is useful to have them entered as it serves to prove that you are using the firearm, so no hassle at renewal time.

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    I like IMR 3031, 4198, or 4895 for .222. The best (and most famous, in past times)load around for the .222 is 17-18 grains of 4198 and a 52 grain bullet. It held all US accuracy records for decades. The triple deuce is a fine cartridge.~Muir

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