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Thread: Customs and Excise a warning

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    Customs and Excise a warning

    I was at a club clay shoot today, and one of the members told me a sad story about his RCBS electronic scales, they were purchased in the UK and after about 14 months developed a fault, although the scales were out of warranty RCBS ageed to repair them free of charge but he had to send them to the States. On their return he was hit with a duty bill from H M Customs, as he did not have the original receipt, and they would not accept the dispatch paperwork as proof of UK purchase, he had to pay up! so owner's of Leupold scopes especially bear this in mind, keep your receipt!

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    Got my binos back at the factory for refurb at the moment, I will let you know how I get on when they come back.


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    I guess if you have the postage receipt you can proove you sent them out in the first place??


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    You are supposed to put a customs declaration on the package when you send them out. You state on it waaranty return and get the post office to stamp and endorse the reciept.

    Then when it dimes back in you will still get stung. But you can reclaim the money.


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    Got mine back had waranty repair on the packaging no money to pay.


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    Like most things in modern Britain the rules are followed only sometimes and then they are applied as the person who is at work that day sees fit which is often not nor nowhere near what the rules actually say.. However as so called "Civil" servants they can do just as they like.

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    As per this thread, things get even worse if they send you a replacement rather than repairing the original.

    I'd produced all the documentation required to show that I'd paid HMRC on initial purchase and that I'd returned the faulty item under warranty, but they insisted that taxes were payable on the new replacement item.

    As you can imagine, I couldn't believe this at first, but then they gave me chapter and verse and I had to suck it up and move on.

    It's tempting to ask any overseas company providing a replacement under warranty to describe it as a repair - but that leaves you in the position of attempting to defraud HMRC - which it's probably worse than paying up.

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