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Thread: Another new guy

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    Another new guy

    Hi to all,
    My name is Jaco Human. I love nature, hunting and rifles. My battery consist off:
    .17 Airarms field target rifle
    .22lr BSA falling block
    22-250 Musgrave
    308 Winmag Custom built
    30-06 Springfield Garrant
    375 H&H Sako
    416 Rigby custom built
    12 gauge Stephens shotgun.

    I have a black crossbred Labrador/GSP, that I am trying to train as a tracker dog. Will still need a lot of patience with the obedience part. It is a lot of fun and he is a adorable dog that just wants to play at this stage.

    I am a hunting outfitter in South Africa. Two of my children are involved in Nature conservation, my daughter is qualified and a proffesional hunter and my son is busy with his studies.

    My personal hunts is for meat as we as a family mainly eat venison. I enjoy working my own meat and make my own sausages, russians and salamies etc.

    Thats the basics of me, you want to know more, you are welcome to ask.

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome SAHUNT

    I think your battery will just about cover most things, good luck with the mongrel, only joking.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Miffy, I agree he is a mongrel and he answers to the name Rigby. His latest trick is to take a swim and then charge into the house, but he is still lovable.

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    Welcome Jaco
    From what I hear you are privileged to have that battery on your SA ticket! Is it harder than in the UK now to licence/certificate firearms?

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    Welcome Jahunt
    With an arsenal like that you must have one big cabinet and permissions!
    Hope to here some posts in due course.

    all the best

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    The rifle ownership laws in RSA are tough but not without reason. There are many people in the country with firearms that do not even know the basics of firearms let alone how to shoot them. Ordinary people are allowed a maximum of 4 firearms. 1 for self defence, usualy a handgun, 1 shotgun and 2 long rifles. You must have a good reason for possessing a 2nd long rifle. Everything changes when you become a dedicated hunter. You must belong to a hunting ass, complete a theoretical course and pass a shooting test. Once you are a dedicated hunter it opens the doors. You must be able to motivate your extra firearms, but that is not that difficult. You can also register as a collecter, which opens the doors for prohibitted firearm possession.

    I am all of the above and a proffesional hunter which opens the doors even more. The big thing is , if you love your firearms you must prove that you are willing to walk the extra mile to keep your firearms. Easy

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    I take it that your favourite rifle is the 416 then
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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