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    Morning Everyone,
    I'm looking for advice on the best calibre for African hunting, its a tall order but I would like something capable for plains game and also large game eg. buffalo if the wallet allows. I don't want to go down the road of two rifles for this I'd rather have one and get loads of practice on the target before I venture to Africa.
    I already have 7mm-08 and 7 x 64.

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    You can't go wrong with a 375 H&H, a 416 Rigby or a 404 Jeffery.

    The advantage of the .375 H&H is that ammo is available for it pretty much everywhere. Ammo for the other two is slightly more limited.

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    my choice would be
    .375 HH

    will do everthing you want it to do , even the buff

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    I would also go for .375 H&H Mag .....very versatile and the ideal African rifle.....will do the job on everything
    Have used the calibre for a number of years and it always delivers. Ammo easy to source,and reasonable. I bought some ammo during a trip to South Africa in June this year and it worked out at arounf 25 per box.
    No hesitation in recommending the calibre

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    .375 H & H

    Thanks guys I thought .375 would be the one. Are they easy enough to get on your FAC. I'm in Staffordshire.

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    Unlikely that you have permissions in the North of Scotland where you could use the calibre. You will likely be asking for it to be used in Africa etc. My experience with Lincs on my 9.3 x 62 and friends with West Yorks and Notts with .375 H&H is that they'll easily put it on your ticket but not allow you any ammo. Once you've taken it out of the UK and back in again you have demonstrated need and they then allow ammo. In all three of us we are allowed to possess expanding but only shoot FMJ for zeroing.


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    Another vote for the .375 h&h,i have not long bought a barrel for my blaser.Strathclyde firearms dept. had no problems letting me have it but ,at first said i couldnt purchase any ammo.I argued the case that i wasn't going to go and hunt dangerous game having never fired or practised with the rifle,they gave in and i am allowed solids for practising,theyre argument being there are NO dangerous game in the UK hence no need for expanding ammo(i tried to go down the wild boar line but they still dont believe that they exsist in the wild-thats the answer i got).
    I've nearly had it a year now and am going to Croatia in January so i am going to ask them if they will allow expanding so i can purchase before i go,wish me luck.

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    Thanks for your valued info I'll save my pennies and let you know how I get on.

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    .375 H&H is fine for Plains game, but border-line for buffalo. I prefer something with more wallop for dedicated buffalo use, also featuring a second barrel. It depends whether you can justify a .470 NE/.505 Gibbs/.458 Lott in terms of the financial and physical pounding you will receive. A .375 H&H/Ruger is a more sensible solution for occasional use.

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