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Thread: Bisley Live

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    Bisley Live

    Went yesterday and thought the event was great apart from 2 things:

    If the aim of the event is to recruit new people interested in shooting then I think the cost to try out some of the firearms is a little high. I paid 18 for entry, 12 to register, then 10 for 6 shots of a black powder pistol and 10 for 5 shots with a .38 gallery rifle and enjoyed it,but I could see me going through a load of dough in a short period of time. Ok for an enthusiast, but maybe a newbie might be put off trying at those prices. Just my view.

    Secondly, and more importantly, I found myself at the Global Rifles stand looking at Bullpup rifles. One of the guys on the stand informed me that the rifle was good for shooting n*gg*rs, and the other guy seemed to have already had a few sherbets. I just walked away thinking what a couple of real tossers and what a poor image to portray for shooting ! I'm not a saint by any means, but ...
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    Any thoughts on the above?

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    Nauseating. It is because of oafs like that that we have to be on the defensive about our interest in guns and shooting; we get lumped together with the rascist thugs rather than associated with the noble heritage of the hunter gatherer.

    I get quite worried when someone says something like that to me... how did I give them the impression that I would appreciate a comment like that? But then I worry about a lot of things!

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    They should be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct,absolutely disgraceful,I do hope someone connected with the company reads about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet View Post
    They should be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct,absolutely disgraceful,I do hope someone connected with the company reads about this
    It may have been the owner

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    Hello and hi to everyone. After enjoying a quiet but excellent show at bisley live this weekend, and firing a few rounds of ammunition, (whatever the cost maybe). i had the urge to go and ask a lot of questions around the exhibitors about various rifles; After walking around saturday i happened to stumble across Global Rifle. after a few minutes of looking at the rifles a young man who i now now as Matty ( and was quite coherent) asked "could i be of any service sir" so i explained to Matty that i was interested in purchasing a rifle for some deer stalking, fox and that i needed a better idea what to look for. Matty then replied to me that his knowledge of the rifles was not his expertise, but i know a man that can help. Matty then went and gave Paul a call, i explained to Paul what i was looking for and the type of shooting i was going to do. Paul then expertly showed me some rifles that he thought would suit me and my budget. after i had narrowed the choice down to a choice of 2, he called over another young man Fala, he then went on to tell Fala to escort me down to their shooting peg and for me to fire off some rounds, to see if either of the rifles were suitable. After arriving back at the Global Rifle stand Paul asked if i found either comfortable, I did and i done a deal with them at Global Rifle . I was invited that evening by Global Rifle around to a drink and BBQ, where i was introduced to a number of other exhibitors, the welcome and hospitality that I and a couple of friends of mine received from Global Rifle was quite superb. So i thought i would register with a couple of new forums to per-sue my new past time. And i have just come across this site and find it quite astonishing that someone can post a topic such as this with no verification for what has or has not been said! It sounds to me that this forum member seems to have a personal problem, because if i had heard someone using a sentence such as he is insinuating i would have told the person quite categorically that talk such as that was not acceptable any where.

    I am sorry to start off on a topic like this but to me it just seems like a which hunt !!!!!!
    one very happy customer,\

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    Pleased you got good service. Be good if you introduced yourself first,as is the custom on this forum. Not a witch hunt, I have nothing to gain, just reporting what actually happened. Never had dealings with this company before, and now never will. End of.

    Agree with Alantoo and Hornets comments, absolutely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David TS View Post
    It may have been the owner
    Yes you are quite right David it may have been,but Im sure Biffo has not made it up either! well the bloody fool needs either sacking or naming and shaming in my opinion,shooting can do without people like that full stop,shame he dident make those comments to an feo or similar, sure it would have gone down a treat

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    Global Rifle

    Hello to everyone! I have done a really good business with Paul from Global Rifle recently. I am extremely glad with a purchase, I do not know him personally, but he was very helpful, , and patient during whole transaction, great telephone manners, express delivery, and very reasonable price. I have had bad experiences with shopping online so far, but this time I found a very honourable person to deal with. I recommend, I hope to do more business with him in future!


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    Hmmmm bit suspicious isn't it that as soon as someone recounts a highly likely tale from the already infamous tome that is Global Rifles trading history, two totally unknown new members with poor English from unusual locations suddenly chime in to defend the great guys at Global Rifle. It doesnt take much Google-Fu to realise this company has an apalling history of bad customer service, and a little forum based skullduggery would not be beyond the realms of their MO

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