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Thread: A few days in norfolk

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    A few days in norfolk

    went down norfolk with john robson who runs yorkshire deer stalking, we met up with mark, headkeeper at bunwell wood shoot, there was 3 of us, sid daz and me, we was there to get our first munty ,over the few days we were there ,we all shot our first muntys, daz got his on the first outing, it was a possible medal ,then me and sid got ours, they were both good heads as well, i would like to thank mark ,robert and ben for bending over backwards for getting our first muntjac ,also many thanks to susan, marks wife who put up with our noise in the evening ,i would highly recommend mark at bunwellwood shoot you can find him on here on stalking directory
    many thanks to everybody who was involved
    weeman daz and sid

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    Sounds like a good trip mate, the photos look highly amusing, Sid's bad pie especially! Did you need a mini argocat to get your munty back to the larder?

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    ill need more than a mini argo when i shoot my moose in finland before you

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    A few snaps of the trip.

    Thanks Mark, rob and ben i'm sure YDS will be visiting again soon with a car full of clients or should i say **** acholics(LOL).

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