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Thread: Zeiss scope

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    Zeiss scope

    What would be a fair price for a 2nd hand Zeiss Victory 6x42 going to look at one tomorrow evening

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    31 veiws no replies..Ok would i be better to give 350 for the Zeiss or 500 for a new S&Bender

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    is the s&b a 6x42 as well ?

    i just picked up a s&b 6x42 for 200 pound which is a steal. just offer the guy 300 for the zeiss see what he says

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    I think the S&B is 8x56 have to check in morning..local dealer has them..Ive since been offered a 6x42 S&B for 300 by Pm .so the zeiss offer will be the same 300

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    If it helps, I picked up a Zeiss 8x56 a couple of months ago from Macleod's for 375. My original Zeiss 6x42 (which I still have) I think was 250 about 10 years ago and if I sold it now I'd expect to get around the same money for it. That's part of the reason why I'd always go for Zeiss/Swaro/S&B.

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    I would say 300-400 depending on condition. They are about 625 new I think.
    The Diatal 6x42 is a classic and a benchmark against which others are judged. If it is in good nick and you like the reticle, go for it!
    But if you are looking at the S&B at 500, would take a look at the Kahles 8x50 that MacLeod's have with the illuminated reticle. A cracking scope...
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