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    Telegraph poles

    Hello lads & lassies sorry not shooting related as such as i look out of my kitch window i look over a couple of thousand acres of cheshire and scottish power are putting a new cable in on very large poles i have two going a hundred yard from my window has anybody ever claim for two telegraph poles spoiling there veiw nd we dont benefit from the power cables it goes to the next town

    rant over


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    Any authority will pay compensation if you sign a disclaimer, to the pole/mast owner & the poles, masts are on your land !

    Depending what type of land it is, wether close to walls, hedges or ponds etc, varies the mount you can be paid annulally. But remember, the 'disclaimer' & you may be giving your rights away on your land for a few poxy quid !! (ie 5-20 per mast per year )

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    You will never get compensation for spoiling a view
    If they are on your land you could get a wayleave, but it sounds like they aren't as they would have needed a wayleave before putting them up.
    However, they can't just erect poles anywhere, is it within a national park?
    Within an area of outstanding natural beauty?
    Might be worth checking out if they are.

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    A friend of my Mrs has a house with a lovely view over open moorland. A couple of years back a company erected a forest of windmills on the moorland. When visiting I find it quite relaxing watching the windmills and to be honest I don't think they would bother me too much but I know that they receive a payment from the windmill company due to their view being disrupted by the windmills. Not sure how much or if it is a one off or a yearly payment. I would imagine that it could be argued that the value of your house could be effected by the change in outlook.

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    No electricity company can just put poles were ever they want ,they would need a signed wayleave from the owner off the land,the landowner then receives a small payment for every pole on their land on a yearly basis. I assume the poles are not on your land and therefore you will have no comeback.If it is in a national park they would have to go through the park authorities before going ahead,if you speak to them they might be able to move the poles slightly but I wouldn't hold my breath ( I say that as a linesman who works for them )

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