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    I have a bit of ground that has a few regeneration trees on it and the moor has not had stock on it for 5 years. The deer are hard to get close to as it i s a large open moor 150 acer next to block forestry. Now there is a electricity pilon in the middle can i fasten a high seat on this or lean a high seat against it,The seat will not go passed the barb wire section. This would be a perfect spot or a seat.

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    Seriously? If you were new here I'd say you were trolling!

    They are the property of whatever the broken up National Grid is called now. You cannot interfere with them at all, that includes incorporating them into new structures. You'd also run into a ton of legal problems because you'd be shooting from someone elses property, and the danger to the cables of shooting so close.

    Mind you, that's the last place I'd want to be sitting! If it got hit by lightening and decided to earth via yourself? Effect of static on rifle cartridges? The deer could end up eating your fried liver for breakfast instead of the other way around.

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    Now first of all i did not ask if this was a dangerous place i have no fears at all shooting in the area and shoot there all the time with regards lightning i am told that they are earthed and there would not be a problem in fact my house sits not more than 50 mtrs from one and one o my nabors has one at the bottom of his garden ,So i do struggle to see the risk. With regards static on rifle ammunition i do not really know what your talking about i have never heard that rifle shooters would be at risk near a pylon but if that is fact then every one i know that goes stalking has pylons on there ground . I will now keep clear of the area till i find out the full facts . PS i will most prob put a free stander in the same area but a few 100 mtrs away from the pylon

    Snowstorm trolling is not an accusation you should freely throw around mate i take offence to that first line.

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    Trust me, the power company would get very arsey if they found a highseat strapped to one of their HV Pylons.

    I work for BT and these days its a nightmare if we want to climb one of their standard wooden low voltage electricity poles, with lots of red tape and H&S regulations we must adhere to..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6.5 x 55
    Snowstorm trolling is not an accusation you should freely throw around mate i take offence to that first line.
    Well, if I do think someone is trolling I will quite freely throw the accusation around.

    But I did not think you were trolling, and said so. That's why I did not accuse you of it.

    I'm mystified as to why you took offence.

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    Because i asked a simple question is it against the LAW and with regards the other stuff you put in i hope that other don't take a mile round root while passing a pylon so that static dose not set there ammo off because i am told on good authority that this is not possible. With regards lightening if its about i am not there would be no way i would be out in the open with the barrel of my rifle being one of the highest points power lines or not.

    I will just do as said have a free stander but it will take some doing the ground is soft as ****.

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    No it is not against the law but may be unwise so check and get permission from the owner whoever that may be.

    That being said the landowner will have an agreement in respect of the rent he receives for the structure so read that and see what your rights are as detailled in that agreement. Some rights included actual possession so when the pylon was no longer of use it was left on site for the landowners use. If that is the case in respect of your land there should be no problems in obtaing permission for your requirements.
    Read the agreement.

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    I spoke to the Land owner and gets a rent for the pylons that is a very pour rent as it has been the same for over 40 years . He has no problem with me , Leaning the seat against the structure but says it would be better if i lie it down after use. I can do that .
    Thanks for the replies and thanks for clearing up the law 325 YOU WERE BANG ON.

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    Mulberry Bush and the old rhyme.

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    Funnly enough, on the ground I am trying to get, there are pylons that run through it on one of the corners, it is heavily planted on one side approx 100m away and less planted on the other side, 20-30m or so. I would have put money on seeing the deer there at first light, just looks like a reasonably sheltered area with good picking on the thinly planted side, I have been there 3 times now in the morning prior to sunrise and waited with great hopes..................Nothing!!!

    I'm not sure why but one of my thought was that you can hear the static in the power lines, I thought that this might have put the deer off, what might seem low noise to us might be deafening to the deer, any opinions on that?

    Also on the thickly planted side there is a path, this path is obviously used as a transit route by the deer as there are slots a plenty, but they do not go onto the opening.....underneath the pylon, no slots and no droppings.


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