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    Blazer L&R

    Have been asked a question to which I have no idea of the answer!! Two good friends of mine(a couple) one left handed and one right handed are looking to share a rifle, the question is is it possible to get a LH and RH bolt for a Blazer, sorry if this is a stupid question being a right hander with plenty of rifles(non Blazers) and no desire to take the missus stalking!!!!!

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    Hi mate

    Its a long time since I've owned a blaser, but from memory yes it would be possible as they could buy left hand and right hand bolt carrier, the only issue is that unless they also got left and right handed bolts then the empty case would be thrown to the right on cycling the bolt. The later stocks also have a palm swell I believe. Mine was an R93 off road, which from memory was ambidextrous.

    Probably be easier to buy an ambidextrous rifle with a right handed bolt. I've never found it to be any difficulty cycling a right handed bolt, left handed.


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    Cheers Rich,
    Should have asked you earlier!!!!!!!

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    Just to add to what Rich said - it is also possible to get L&R bolt heads that will eject the cases on the correct side and some people actually like to do a bit of mix and match - for example when shooting prone some right handed people prefer a left handed bolt but with right handed ejection as they don't have to take their trigger hand off the stock to cycle the bolt. Equally some people who shoot from a car when lamping like the cases to eject into the car rather than out and so may fit a bolt head which appears to eject on the wrong side in order to achieve this. As Rich said however be careful with the stocks.

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    Cheers caorach, info passed on, thanks for the reply

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    Yes it is mate i have a Blaser R93 with a left hand bolt and a friend of mine has one with a right hander wev'e swopped them round no problem at all just drops straight in

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