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Thread: a question of trust

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    a question of trust

    i asked if anyone had a 308 for sale and ive been inundated with rifles , some are REAL bargins , but how do i protect myself from being ripped off , ive never bought a gun over the internet before always face to face ( please dont take offence if you have sent me details of a rifle) ,

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    look back at there posts. see if they have sold stuff before. and see if there is any bad comments on those sale threads.

    important thing is dont rush into buying. as there are lots of good cheap rifles about

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    Twice I have bought rifles now on the net. Granted they were from RFD's. Both sent them on approval with my only risk being the postage. My view is if they were not as described they would not send them. They went straight to a rifle smith who checked them and gave them the all clear.

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    You can also have a look at their profiles and see if they have any "Friends" listed. Many on here do, including me. It gives a good indication, if nothing else, you could always contact the "Friend" explaine the situation and get a reference.

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