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Thread: my lads first trip on the stags

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    my lads first trip on the stags

    Went to scotland for a few days, stalking sika + red stags with my lad, he has never been so i thought this would be a nice treat. We arrived on saturday afternoon, so after we had unloaded the car we went to see the keeper for a meet and greet. We had tea with him and a bit of a yarn then the keeper asked if we fancied going out that evening. We didnt need asking twice. So back to our digs to get changed and we were out by 6pm. The keeper asked who would like to shoot first so i said let my boy have the first shot. We stalked along the edge of a wood, with a hill above us and we came to a clear fell. The keeper glassed the clear fell but saw nothing so he started to spy the hill behind us. We were spying the hill for a while and all we could see were hinds but could hear a stag roaring. So i turned back to the clearfell and i spotted a good sika stag which came out of the wood. i gave the keeper a nudge and whispered sika. We both spyed him, but unfortunately my lad could not see him, so the descion was made for me to take him, he was about 250 yrds away and we couldnt get any closer. So down on the bipod i went and the keeper said take him when your ready, so off with safety i squeezed the trigger, we heard the thump and the stag dropped to the shot. We sat in a tower after that but could only see hinds but we could hear the sika stags whistling behind us. I was still buzzing. Back out on monday morning before light, this time my lad was going to get a shot. We stalked in to a group of hinds. we could hear the stag roaring but could not see him, so we waited. Then he appeared, what a monster, he had a deformed head, the keeper said he had never seen this stag before and boy he was unusual. He said you shoot a lot of pretty stags but you`ll never get another like this one. This would be his first stag. The stag was roaring his head off,I was told to stay where i was, as the keeper and my lad crawled to within 100 yards of the stag. The keeper guided him through the shot, while i stayed back and watched through the bins. The shot was perfect, down he went, my lad was well chuffed. When we got to the stag, boy was he a big and ugly monster, but what a first red stag. It turned out to be one of the heaviest ever to be shot on the estate. Next stalk was in the evening, i sat in a tower but didnt see much only a few hinds. I could hear the red stags roaring and sika whistling but none came. My lad had better lucstags and he got two crackers. k though he`d only gone and shot another red stag, a 9 pointer, what a beauty. There is a lot more to this trip and i went on to shoot a few more stags maybe i`ll write about them later but my lads first trip on the

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    i cant seem to get the photo to up load

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    Ive had the same with this board mate ,just copy and paste from photobucket and dont use the boards uploader .

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    Well done to both of you! A trip you'll no doubt, both rememberforever. Priceless !!

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