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Thread: Selling venision to a butcher

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    Selling venision to a butcher

    I have been asked by a butcher to supply him with a few deer carcases to sell onto the public in the form of roasting joints and mince.

    I live in Northern Ireland and have completed the DSC Level 1 course in 2008 which covered Large Game Meat hygiene.

    The butcher does not have a game dealer licence.

    The question is,

    Can I legally supply him with the carcases, if so does the DSC Level 1 qualification allow me to supply the carcases already skinned?

    Any help would be great



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    Contact your local office:

    Northern Ireland
    Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland
    10c Clarendon Road
    Belfast BT1 3BG
    Tel: 02890 417700

    Good luck. JCS

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    I am not exactly certain of the legislation in Ireland but believe it is similar to Scotland, in Scotland unlike England you may only sell to a registered venison dealer.

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    Thanks JCS, I'll give them a call in the morning

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    Thanks bogtrotter, I'll give the FSA a call and hopefully they can clarify things for me.

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    You may NOT sell skinned carcasses or carcasses altered in any other way under the hunters exemption which we are granted under the food hygiene component of the DSC 1. The moment you skin a carcass for any purpose other than your own consumption you must be registered as a food business with the council and must abide to all rules and regulations they impose.

    You may happily sell Gralloched beasts with the skin on to restaurants etc as long as you have tagged the carcass with your hunter ID (DSC certificate number) and certified that you have inspected the beast and found it to be fit for human consumption in your trained opinion, and noted any abnormalities etc on the tag.

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    danpd, you couldnt email me a copy of such a declaration could you please ?

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    G C has been updated in June 2011 and has samples of declarations. BDS among others, sell tags.

    Regards JCS

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    JCS is correct, I use tags from either BDS or the NGO.
    What I stated was correct for England, but I'm not 100% on the Scottish take on things.
    The important point is on page 6 of the PDF that JCS posted, it states that the primary producer exemption relates to in-fur and in-feather game which has been prepared no more than necessary. IE Gralloched, feet off, head off, chest split, but not skinned and butchered into roasting joints, sausages etc. Unless for your own consumption

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    Excellent thank you gents, that's great.

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