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Thread: Night noises?

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    Night noises?

    Another question from the Texan! I have been watching Midsomer Mysteries from the '90s. During most of the outdoor night scenes, there are night noises. They sound like 'raspes' ie crsssss. I'm sorry I can't be more descriptive. They are similiar to the sound our whitetails make when startled. Could it be a fox or some kind of bird? Help please? thanks, capt david

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    I regularly watched MM when it was on,and in almost if not every episode there was a Vixen calling(regardless of time of year)and this is what I guess you are referring to David.Is this the sort of thing................

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    That's it. I thought that it might be, but had no idea that it was that common! Y'all must be covered up with foxes. thanks, capt david

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    they only have two sound effects, fox and owl ... but yes there are a few about and not just in the rural areas, probably as common as your racoons going through skips (sorry dumpsters) in towns and cities.
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    Heffalumps too, but only in woods of around a hundred acres.
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    This is only a TV program, there are places in England that are similar to what you are seeing but they are getting harder to find. We do not hear Vixens and Owls as much as you do on the TV although it always appears to be summer there. When people talk about the USA I think many think of Dallas or John Wayne.

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    Where I am is very rural yet we don't often see foxes, in the last 6 years I have seen perhaps Three, however owls are common around here. we get an almost daily visit from a Barn Owl at home. The neighbour has Little Owls nesting in her horses hay stacked in her shed. Screetch owls can be heard fairly often as can another species not sure if it's a Tawney or possibly a Long eared owl

    I did see a badger just up the road crossing just past the neighbours and it seems to be visiting our field from the scat seen occasionally.

    We are considering putting up an Owl box to encourage their nesting and help them control the rodents of which we have plenty around here.

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    My favourite Midsomer Murders gaff was on a supposed shoot when a cock pheasant got up, a hen pheasant was shot in the air and a french partridge was retrieved. They seem to revel in getting countryside matters wrong.

    That bloody vixen is in season all year round!

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    Just to widen the scope a little here, I have spent many a year foxing, & only this last two seasons have been hearing them calling almost year round!
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    Why has no one arrested John Nettles. He must be the obviouse suspect.
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