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Thread: Hi all from bleak, wet N. Ireland

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    Cool Hi all from bleak, wet N. Ireland

    Keeping it simple and direct - I have no stalking and very little hunting experience - but I do have 30+ years, on and off, in target rifle and practical pistol in calibres from .22LR to .45acp. On the rifle side, by far my favourite discipline, I've used .22LR, .223, .270, .308 as well as a 7.62 target rifle that started it all off. I've just turned 50 and taken early retirement which now allows me to get out every day walking with my dogs, 4x GSD's. I still have to take my DSC1 but that is something I can aim for in the coming year as well as sorting out suitable gear and rifle. I am a member in 3x NRA registered gun clubs as well as a NRA qualified RCO and a present manage to attend fullbore rifle range meetings at least twice a month. Even though I'm only using a varmint barrelled .223 Howa 1500 attending the range so often can prove expensive, 50-100+ rounds per meeting, so over the past three years I've been reloading for both target and foxing and still looking for that elusive 'magic mix'. As for a perfect stalking rifle I'm split between .308 and 6.5x55. It should be added that I also intend to use this rifle on the range (possibly in competition) at distances out to 1000mtrs therefore the calibre and scope mix will be well researched before and purchase is made.
    I'm looking forward to a long association with the Stalking Directory.

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    Welcome to the site, and good luck with your future plans especially the rifle research

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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