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Thread: waist bag !!!

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    waist bag !!!

    just ordered my waist bag for stalking and was wondering what i should put in it !!

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    Sounds like a portable toilet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    Sounds like a portable toilet?

    If that's the case you'll need some loo-roll after all you would'nt want to get caught short!!!

    Rgds, Buck
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    bog roll

    basic first aid kit

    jungle formula ( midge area dependant)

    spare knife ..opinel or the like

    wee sharpening stone..or blade tec or similar

    baby wipes ( even better than no1 bog roll and fair puts a spring in yer step)

    choccy bar

    sauer /paul

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    coffee flask!
    water proofs?
    whatever you want really...

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    Spare laces for your boots if you have to walk any distance on tricky ground.
    A good, but compact, LED torch - quality ones can throw a 100 yard plus beam from something that fits in your hand.
    Glow sticks - I get them off ebay for very little money and as I shoot sika in forestry usually at last light use them to mark where I was when I took the shot, where I thought the deer was and any trail I might follow. Very handy for the job and 3 or 4 are enough.
    I carry some chalk in a little bottle to test the wind and a sika call as well.
    I find it useful to carry some of that red and white tape like what they use around road works or similar to what the police would use to close off a street. It is light and 10 feet of it folds down to nothing. It is ideal for marking the end of a ride, for example, so you come back to the right one with the car to recover the deer. I might also use it to mark an easy crossing point so that I can find it again in the dark when walking back out.
    If stalking a new area I might print out the satellite images from Google and carry them with me - usually just one A4 bit of paper.

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    +1 on Torch + head lamp.
    drag rope
    cable ties
    small med kit
    bullet pouch with ten rounds in.
    as well as all above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennunn View Post
    just ordered my waist bag for stalking and was wondering what i should put in it !!
    The following thread from earlier in the year covers lots of suggestions as to what to pack:

    Whats in you bumbag ?

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