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    Looking For Expert Opinion

    I am no reloading expert but have been reloading all my ammo for .22-250 and .243 for years. Initially I worked out a load for both rifles and have stuck with that both rifles being as accurate as suits my wants. (within 1/2" at 100yds)

    My regime is to use the same cases about 5 times, neck size the cases, clean using ultrasound cleaner and case tumbler, resize the case length (where necessary) and chamfer. Through this I have never had a single problem.

    My mate has recently started to reload for his .243. He obtains once fired Norma cases from a relative. These cases fit his rifle without full length resizing. He loads the cases using almost the same load as I use and they are accurate. The bolt cloases over no problem and after firing the case ejects no problem. But, after being neck sized, cleaned and the case length checked they will not go back into the rifle. My simplistic view is that they came out of there they should be able to go back in.

    Any suggestions as to the cause?

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    He has not adjusted his dies correctly. The brass must have been previously fired in a chamber shorter than that on his rifle, he has neck sized and it has fitted. The subseqent firing in his own chamber has allowed the brass to stretch at little and the neck sizing has not set it back sufficiently to allow it to rechamber this time. He needs to bump the shoulder back a little further than he is currently doing.

    By the by, I claim no status as an "expert".

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    You'll not get anything approaching expert opinion from me and in all probability Brian is right but I had something similar happen to me.

    My neck sized reloads wouldn't chamber. After some testing I found that my neck sizing die was pushing the neck down a little and causing the case to bulge outwards at the body/shoulder junction. I coloured the case with a black pen, chambered it in my rifle, and was able to see which part was catching on the chamber by looking at where the colouring had rubbed off.

    Ask your mate to try chambering some of the fired brass BEFORE neck sizing it, try a selection of 10 or more. If the fired brass chambers then neck size it and see if it will no longer chamber. This will show you if the neck sizing is introducing the problem as it was with me.

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    Caorach, I can see where you are coming from but it can't be just the neck sizing. When he gets the cases from his relative they are once fired but have not been sized. He neck sizes and removes fired primer as part of his loading process. After first loading they fit no problem. It is after they have been fired in his rifle and reloaded for a second time that they will not fit.

    Claret Dabbler, I will get him to recheck die adjustment.

    "Expert Opinion" was maybe a bad choice of wording. Just more experienced than me. My experience is I reload them only using a neck size die and they got straight back in no problem.

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    What kind of rifle are we talking about? I would Fl resize, adjusting the die downward until the case fits cleanly in the chamber and see what you end up with, dimensionally speaking.~Muir

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    I'll be interested to hear the outcome of this because I am having the same problem, even with cases that have been full length resized. Not all of them but out of 50 I had 9 that wouldn't allow the bolt to close.
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    Gazza and I had a chat on the phone. In summary, 2 different .243 Win rifles. I think Gazza's pal's rifle has a slightly shorter chamber, so the die needs to be reset or a different die used. Gazza is going to do some investigation and let us know what he finds.

    Regards JCS

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