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Thread: Accuracy International AE MK III

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    Accuracy International AE MK III

    She finally arrived - the new Accuracy International AE MK III in .308

    Click image for larger version. 

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    After popping up to the range she was zeroed in and happily printing sub 1/2 inch groups.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Kind Regards


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    Good looking rifle - saw them at the show at Bisley - which mod have you fitted to it and are you finding the 155's or 168 suit it best ?



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    I cannot say I am a fan of the Sniper/tactical look but one has to admit that the AI rifles usually shoot very well. They are just not for me though.

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    I like the scope!

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    What do you do with that apart from weight training? have you got separate stocks and sides as one is olive and one tan? Nice rig if you don't have to walk anywhere!

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    I was wondering about the sudden colour change myself

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    It's not olive, the light in the first photo has a blue hue.
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    It would also appear the Leuopold spotting scope is cold!

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