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Thread: To trust or not to trust?

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    To trust or not to trust?

    Ok, so I recently posted a thread about a rather nice red stag I shot, following the various comments etc I received a PM from someone who for now will remain nameless. It was an offer of assistance to help with the use of a 4x4 and winch etc, and also so they could be shown how to gralloch due to lack of experience.....sounded both helpful and an opportunity to assist a newby.

    I emailed them back thanking them for the offer, but declining on the basis I am set up with everything I need etc, and that my permissions are limited to just me (set by landlords, not me) but offered to come out with him on his patch so show him the ropes etc with gralloching and alike.

    No reply...... could this be someone simply out to get more land and steel my shooting? I noticed on another thread he had started that he has acquired 700acres of stalking locally hence my offer of helping out on his patch, I know this kind of thing goes on, but I hadn't experienced round this area, I think I'll be keeping my land closely under wraps!
    If however I have got this wrong, and I am just assuming the worst of people I look forward to seeing if they pass comment on this thread

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    Ok, so I have been proved wrong, apologies to the man in question, thanks for the PM.

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    You were right to assume the worst, it happens a lot.... but there are also some genuine people too as you have now discovered.
    A friend of mine who is also a SD member has a fair bit of ground, I met him through this site and he has helped me to gain experience and get my mentoring condition removed. He invites me onto his land and in return I offer the use of my quad and an extra pair of hands. I never take it for granted and always assume that I'm there as a ghillie, if I get a chance to take a shot that's an added bonus.
    The thought of approaching the farmers on any of his land has never crossed my mind, I value his friendship and the arrangement we have is mutually beneficial.

    Tread carefully but learn to trust the genuine one's. Good friendships can be made
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Be wary , very wary....for the 99% of sportsmen that are genuine , respect our sport & condudt it in a respectful light & as such treat your land/ area with repect the other 1% will use, abuse, instagate trouble & have the I Q of a windscreen natt !!

    (The Jemery Kyle clan) best known here as

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    Tread carefully but learn to trust the genuine one's. Good friendships can be made
    That says it all Si ,"never throw caution to the wind"

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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